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would incredibly appreciate feedback + constructive criticism! i’m new to this and i would love to hear your thoughts on how i could improve my writing. love, dana

Les Misérable

July 28, 2018

He was a man without a woman and he was serious, as serious as one can be, about fishing and writing and to an extent, jazz, he would go out on Tuesdays - he liked Tuesdays best, said they were  his resign into the past - and he’d take out the boat and come back Thursday mornings with a look in his eyes, as though he knew, what exactly I could never tell, but he knew he knew he knew as much as there was to know, as much as one could know without losing their dignity, he would come back and give us all a nod before he parked himself in front of his typewriter, in good time, we learned it was best to ignore it, there he was lodged between time and words, he was complying to the incessant need to give, he was staying faithful to an honest man’s obligation to the blank paper, this writing business ( he called it the trade of masters) was the loneliest trade of all and it was never as good as can be, it was a disease that grew into a vice and then an obsession, and we all hoped to god that it would go away, but he was happy doing it, he felt fucked and empty afterwards but there were times when it came easily and perfectly then it was really more fun than anything, it was the greatest pleasure, still, no one could understand what propelled him to do it, it was his duty to a bitched world, a disease that turned into a vice that turned into an obsession, and then there were times when he felt like he could never write, then he was miserable, like a starved dog, if he wasn’t going to do the simple peristaltic action of telling stories to empty lines then he didn’t want to do anything. Sometimes it was like that for long so long that he would have to bullshit himself he would have to make his story as true as anything ever was so he could survive but he knew, as the best writers do, that sooner or later he would write another good story, he would walk in the night and he would think Do not worry You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.


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  • WordWieldingWriter

    Minor nitpick here- in French, the word "les" is plural for "the," so it would be used before a plural subject. "Le" is used for a singular subject, so your title would technically be "Le Miserable," if you're only talking about one person. But all that aside, great writing!!

    about 3 years ago
  • Tyler Rose

    damn this is good. it's contemporary and relevant and just really fucking good. excuse my profanity. you gotta do this writing thing more often 'cuz i wanna read more of your work.

    about 3 years ago

    This is so true!!!

    about 3 years ago