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I write sometimes and like feedback.
That is all.

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I hope you think of me
Still as your friend
I hope you love yourself
Your body and heart
I hope you feel happy
That's all I want

green -cavetown

What is Love

July 28, 2018


"What is love" said I to the lion,
him with his golden mane
and a yawn unfit for the king,
He eyed me lazily,
Glancing at his pride,
"Small child, love is when 
A woman gives up her share
To me.
It is when they
And let me eat
Yet bring forth
To carry my bloodline."
A moment of pause, my confusion,
The lions satisfaction of answering,
"That is not love." said I to the lion;
And so I walked away.

"What is love?" said I to the lioness,
Her sleek athletic body rippling like wave
In the African sun.
She turned her eyes quickly,
Her mind on rations of the next meal.
"Little one, love is
nothing you can feel,
Until you have conceived 
Your own.
Love is when out of all
your children,
You choose to feed
Your favourite first.
It is duty.
My duty to 
My man." 
Yet still, I was not happy.
The lioness flickered her ears, 
her eyes spotting a far-away herd of Zebras.
"That is not love." said I to the lioness.
And so I walked on.

"What is love?" said I to the river,
Quiet yet moving,
forever stuck on it's path until it divided into more 
Smaller rivers,
Until it joined the see.
"Love is what you make it."
Said the water,
and I knew it was right.



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