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A List of 22 Reasons Pres. Trump Should Be Removed from and Doubting the Legitimacy of His Position In Office as President of the United States of America.

July 29, 2018


    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends, this is a letter disavowing the legitimacy of President Trump's position as President of our United States of America. Now, I will start from the beginning of his presidency and not his campaign for multiple reasons- there are many things that should have kept him from winning the election and yet he did win; though, I will address the Russian meddling that occurred in the election process. In fact, that should be the first thing to be addressed, as I will have a list of reasons that Donald Trump can no longer remain in power as President of the United States without endangering the very existence of the country in the near future.
    1. The meddling in the election has been proven. I mean, that is no longer a question. They put out false ads and President Putin has admitted to wanting Donald Trump to win the election during his summit in Helsinki, Finland. It is a clear breach of our national security. It's like someone has shoved us and then waits for us to retaliate. When will we? This man was put into an election that was rigged- he was telling the truth on this, at least. I think I have said all that I need to say on this topic for there is no one that can really doubt this. There has even been Russian informants found in our nation. Now, as to whether Donald Trump is working with the Russian Government or not has yet to be decided, though clearly he was aided by them whether he wished for the connections or not. Really, it all seems to be a running joke that needs to stop running. I think we can all agree that President Trump is in some way connected to the Russian government, and not in a good proper way best befitting the good will of this nation.
    2. The second point I feel must be made before we proceed is that President Trump is not a good person in general. He has made fun of people for their backgrounds, nationalities, and disabilities. He has been consistently accused of affairs, harassment, and sexist attitudes- tapes can prove that. And we can also look at another piece of evidence. In the Constitution of the United States of America, and mind yourself this is the same Constitution ratified by all of those great minds of our Revolution that birthed our nation, Section 4 of Article II states, "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." This means, if convicted of treason which is the most alarming and obvious offense of late, President Trump should, by the Constitution, be impeached. In addition, paying bribes to cover up his extramarital affair was grounds for impeachment according to this document every American should hold dear. He has made numerous offensive and racist remarks throughout the past year, which show yet more holes in his rapidly dissolving moral fiber.
    3. President Trump has done many controversial things in his administration, but I beg of you to recognize the wrongness in many of them- taking many children from their parents at the border, for one matter. President Donald Trump hoped that this measure would ensure illegal immigrants, many turning themselves in for a chance to plea their case, would no longer try cross into the United States. And so Donald Trump has taken their children. I ask of you, of those that do come here in search of better life, why would the people with children be the top priority to torment when others come alone, and that is assuming most of the people are bad? The treatment is monstrous and truly unbelievable. Recently, there has been reports of sexual misconduct in the areas where the children were taken, areas which were not made publicly known until reporters forced the administration to expose them to the American people. These facilities were placed in states that were not aware they were housing the children taken from families seeking better lives. I could not, would not believe there was such a place. I love 'America the Beautiful' and constantly I had to remind myself of it, and I found solace in the fact that so many were horrified across our nation. This ignited uproar all across America, and forced Donald Trump to back off of his previously defiant stance. Truly, it brought us together against President Trump and Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General.
    4. Let us look to the economic gains of President Trump's administration. Yes, I said gains- I must hand it to Donald Trump, he has given us an economical gain. Some may argue that it was his predecessor, President Barrack Obama, that set this up. Yet the fact still remains that he was the one that appointed so many jobs, which is good for America. He has created many jobs and helped many people. I will give that to our president. But then he imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum and blew up the fragile trade market and crippled our farmers, starting a full-blown trade war. This is why we can't have nice things. Recently, he has attempted to give the farmers of the United States of America a fallback of money and yet the farmers are aware that this will not last. 
    5. Internationally, Donald Trump has been at odds with our closest allies, insulting them with our tariffs and with banal talk about Germany being in Russia's pocket as well as other remarks, like claiming that Justin Trudeau of Canada betrayed him when discussing pushing back against tariffs should there be a need to. He disagrees with many of our allies and then risks meetings with people of questionable leadership (and that is to put it lightly). He also has made careless comments about their leadership and, though many applaud him for trying, has seemed to be played like a fiddle in the hands of President Putin.
    6.  Donald Trump has sided with Russia over his own intelligence agency. I am sure that we have all watched the live taping of his meeting in Helsinki, Finland, where he blatantly, pathetically, ceded charge to President Putin, blaming both Russia and the United States. Blaming both sides, one might say, ringing a bell towards that highly controversial comment of what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also had no one but translators in the room when he talked with President Putin in Helsinki. He has been branded a traitor and many theories of his unjustifiable involvement have occurred after this meeting- such as Donald Trump working with Russia because President Putin has something on Donald Trump, or even working for him. Donald Trump was, as well, in Moscow, Russia, 2013. Three years before the election- ample time to prepare, should this rumor ring true. Then there was also, and I apologize for going beyond the initial election despite my earlier reassurance though I feel this will greatly add to the evidence, his own son meeting with Russians for something on Hillary Clinton, the leading democratic candidate. President Trump and President Putin are on levels that are closely connected, and still President Trump cowered in that moment when he stood beside President Putin on the platform. Our country looked weak in that moment because of him. Which leads me to my next point.
    7. People say that he cannot represent all of our people- and in a way, they are correct. Because America is a great melting pot, where all the black sheep could come together, there is no person like the other. But as a nation, as a whole, we preach freedom and liberty and doing what is right. And so we divided into parties to do this in different ways and yet he seems to represent none, not one, of our most prominent parties correctly. He is supposed to be our figurehead- that is his job. People must understand this, they must understand this because it is essential people know that he is supposed to say what we would all like to be said. Frequently he goes off the rails and, when there is no speech prepared or segment to say, he makes idiotic responses. Is this who represents America? Really? Is this what we want our United States to be seen as? A prejudice, bigoted, wealthy businessman blind to the struggles of his people and the meaning of the United States? I should hope not. He is throwing tantrums and often needs to be soothed by typing his problems and sending them out in complaint form to the world. Of course being President of the United States would be hard- you cannot simply fire whomever you wish, you are not in charge of a company, you are in charge of a nation, and you will not always get your way.
    8.  President Trump has also elected to move away from the topic of Global Warming and ignores the changing of our planet's climate. He has pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord and we need to focus on the earth as well as our country. I am admittedly not the most knowledgeable on this topic, but I do know that we must do something or risk hurting all people with our own selfishness.
    9. Speaking of doing something, we must also direct the attention of you, dear readers, to the crisis in Puerto Rico, and the other places recently hit hard by awful storms. President Trump has not given full attention to Puerto Rico, which many didn't realize was a part of the United States of America, as he has to other issues he seems to believe are worthier of his attention, and this is not easy to forgive- because it is still happening. People are rebuilding their lives out there and yet we tried to shield ourselves as though they are not a part of our country, a part of humanity. Or at least, that might be what someone might think if they glance at the Donald Trump administration. Thank the Lord for the good volunteers and people out there, because Donald Trump has barely scraped the surface. I do not have the answer to this problem, but perhaps with all of the economic gain of our country we could afford to put workers in places where they are most needed and give Puerto Ricans the supplies they need. We are all one nation, and we must care for each other, whether we are separated by seas, state lines, or prejudice (which Donald Trump also seems to inspire).
    10. Donald Trump has insulted and beaten down journalists seeking information on his administration and simply doing their jobs. Just recently, a reporter was asked to leave for asking questions, none of which strike people as different from what others were asking for, what our people were wanting answers to. This goes back to the first amendment, that we should be allowed to speak freely and write freely- freedom of speech and freedom of the press. We must see that Donald Trump unfairly disavows things he does not agree with. No one can say, truthfully, he is not partial to disparaging the press for reporting the truth, as seen again and again. Even in live coverage, these are his actions while he frequently contradicts himself. And thus, no one can truly say he is not partial to beating down and giving insulting nicknames to people who speak out against him. Again, Donald Trump is reminiscent of a privileged angry adolescent, if even that and not younger, prone to throwing tantrums. Forgive me if I seem unfair towards his position, but so open is he it is hard to refrain from speaking my thoughts, especially when he regularly does so, and especially when my thoughts ring with truthfulness.
    11. Donald Trump also seems to reject the ideals and aspects of another guaranteed right in our first amendment, the  freedom of religion. Muslim refers to a religion and yet he often has mocked the name. There are many different religions swirling around in the United States of America and I am a Christian, as I think the majority is. Still, all we can do is pray for people of differing religion and respect the choices they have made. And, I do respect them because this is not my choice- it is theirs. God has a plan for everyone. And he has given us all free will to decide. But Donald Trump has forgotten this. The United States is all about freedom; we sailed here for religious freedom in the first place, that is why so many people flocked here. So think of the problems of a President of the United States spitting on that amendment.
    12. President Donald Trump has, what we might call when referring to the 7th President of the United States, a kitchen cabinet. The seventh president is not, as a whole, thought of well, and he is Andrew Jackson. He was the man who introduced a kitchen cabinet, as Donald Trump is now displaying. This is where a President takes many of his friends into office and often interchanges them- this means that he has many different officials over the course of his presidency. This implies that President Trump has many 'Yes men' whenever he needs them and gets rid of people who might pose a threat to any of his proffered ideas. This was especially evident earlier in his presidency.
    13. Talking of Donald Trump's ideas, we have heard quite a few of them. One might even venture to say we have heard more than usual, because of Twitter and other social media efforts. I have stated it previously and so I shall again- he has made many rude remarks and goes against members of his party and of the Democratic party. He also has ridiculed people in our country. And by that, I mean people living and working with differing occupations. It's humiliating, the way he calls people rude names. This is not unheard of, of course, but he has treated people unfairly many times and gets away with it because, well, he is the president. There is also something else people can tell from his constant tweeting and the things he says and the actions he uses- he may have a mental illness. People have spotted signs of dementia, something we should truly look into. If Donald Trump is suffering from a mental illness, many things would be explained.
    14. President Trump has also, as many people may have forgotten, taken the law that prevents the hunting of endangered animals out of power. This puts them at, of course, more risk and threatens to push them to extinction after all. Even before he took the law out of practice, people were finding ways around it. Now imagine the effects of removing such a needed law. It is catastrophic for those animals and many conservationists across the United States of America.
    15. Donald Trump has also failed to address how we would stop Russia should they decide to meddle in our mid-term elections. In short, it is not apparent there is anything to stop them from hurting our country again. Now, this is simply a theory, but it may be that Donald Trump wishes for this to happen- if he can get everyone in office that he knows will stay loyal to him, he will be able to override others and the democracy of our democracy will be at risk. Already, with all of the false ads, it has been tested. And should the theory of Donald Trump working with President Putin be proven, this would be the clear slap in the face to the many people who need to wake up about the world around them.
    16. Earlier in his presidency, Donald Trump made an attempt to remove transgender troops from the armed forces. He claimed that these troops cost too much money and thus he has decided not to allow them to stay in the armed forces any longer. By costing too much money, he references the troops' medicine is too much to pay for. But surely, no matter if you are for these people or not, you must realize that anyone who wants to serve their country and has the health to do so should be able to. To deny them that right is not... right. It is simply goes against the freedoms we have fought for. Think of it this way- if women and men are allowed now to train alongside eachother, why should we talk about limiting other people for their gender?
    17. I fear we must address this dreadful situation or we would not be complete in the list- Donald Trump's reactions to an event many refer to as simply Charlottesville, Virginia. Those who have not heard about this event, this was a peaceful rally against white nationalists who were meeting there which resulted in death, death on the side of peaceful protestors. Again, this goes back to the first amendment- the right to assembly. Still, when publicly addressing the issue, Donald Trump did not renounce the white nationalists for their carnage but instead said that there was 'blame on both sides'. So again, I ask, how is this man still our President in this modern age?
    18. Donald Trump is under investigation by Robert Mueller for his conduct in the 2016 Election of the United States of America. It is still pending, but every second the evidence against the President grows. People are throwing themselves through loops to try to defend him and attack others as he often does when he feels trapped with all of the allegations of misconduct in multiple areas. When will people realize that he is, at many times, indefensible? When conversing of Donald Trump's misconduct, we must turn to the recent tape released by Michael Cohen, which states he is to pay off a mistress. This has to be great evidence when it comes to accusing him of misdemeanors, and bribery, by which he could be found guilty of and impeached soundly.
    19. President Donald Trump has tried previously to undermine the Public Education system and, in short, make a business out of those schools by giving the money to charter schools. This is no laughing matter, to undermine something we all hold dear across the nation. Without education, what are we as a world? The Dark Ages pays tribute to this, and I am sure even if you are not familiar with that period the name enough is certain to invoke want to steer clear of that circumstance. President Trump seems to favor the uneducated because they are not taught to understand how his policies will affect others until it is too late. Thankfully, he seems to have abandoned the thought process of using public education to more narrow-minded, sickening needs.
    20. Another thing many would simply like to forget is the fact that Donald Trump turned to look at building a "space force" program. Personally, I had thought that was what NASA was for. I have reason to believe others think that way too and, though this was a while ago in his presidency, and he seems to have given up this as well, I thought it would be a good example for how he might wish to spend our money.
    21. Donald Trump also enacted a travel ban that denied people from seven Muslim countries, full of Syrian refugees. People trapped outside while their family member was a registered citizen of the United States of America were to be left, and the ban made many retaliate with court hearings and rallies against this action. It is even reported a man committed suicide for not being able to see his family again. Imagine if this happened to us and we were caught in the middle, and family members did not become U.S. citizens in time.
    22. There are good things about the election of Donald Trump, such as some parts of our economy. But, with that being said, the bad outweighs the good to the point where people from everywhere, both inside and outside of our country, are opposed to his reign in office. Donald Trump is a man who won in an election hacked by Russian agents, has sided with the Russians in Helsinki over his own intelligence agency, has had his son meet Russian agents by my own personal thoughts though the investigation is still pending, has no plan against Russians trying to meddle again in the next elections, tries to have peace with dictators while pushing us on edge with allies, has insulted our allies, started a trade war, ignited fury over his thoughtless comments, regularly mocks the first amendment, seems to have, by overwhelming evidence, defied the Constitution of the United States of America which is liable for impeachment, pushed hard tariffs, hurt our farmers, and has insulted many people based on their race, nationality, religion, and appearance as well as those with disabilities. Donald Trump has neglected the thousands upon thousands of Puerto Ricans in need of help, he has banned immigrants from coming into a country built on immigrants, he has torn apart families, he has spat on what we stand for as a nation, he has blamed protestors in Charlottesville as well as white nationalists, he has taken transgender troops from their place, he has hoped to mess with public education, he has almost definitely had many affairs and given bribes to many to keep them quiet, he has allowed endangered animals to be hunted, has pulled out of the deal on climate change, does not represent the American people, has tried to take money and set up a new space program, frequently calls out insults to his own people, and weighs in on affairs that many disagree with and he uses awful language all the while. Truly, we all need to come together in order to get President Donald Trump out of office, and hopefully by exposing the faults and illegitimacy of his presidency, the nation decides, as a majority, to impeach President Donald Trump from his position in office. We must terminate his presidency if we can ever hope to gain back the respect we had as Americans once and grow to earn more of it.
    So, I leave you to read this parting note written long ago, by Thomas Paine in his, 'The American Crisis':
     "These are the times the try men's souls; the summer soldier and sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered, yet we have this consolation with us - the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph."

I am seriously considering sending this in somewhere so any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, I will allow polite comments and civil disagreements so I may better my argument.

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  • JadeAndSerpentine

    This is very thorough, very true, and very sad. Each point is different and well-explained. Thanks for writing this!

    about 3 years ago
  • RedWriter

    Thank you, I greatly appreciate these pieces of advice. I admit I do not understand what you mean by changing hacking. By hacking I mean they created a number of profiles in order to influence people over social media platforms. But I will add that in later in order to explain and thank you for helping me perfect this argument. Are you in the same opinion and did I at all change your mind in any way?

    about 3 years ago
  • she’s-got-a-story

    a critique purely writing-oriented, not political:
    your arguments are, for the majority, clear and well-worded, the strongest being (i think) 11 in that it is reasonable, but also passionate.
    i have one concern for this piece, it being that at some points you come across as a bit TOO passionate. don't take this the wrong way; what i mean is that if you plan on sending this piece in somewhere, you may want to tighten up some of your reasoning because you seem to get caught up and very emotional. you do have lots of important facts in there, but at times you sound angry and it takes away from the core of the arguments. You may also want to omit the use of "I", unless you are specifically trying for a personal letter from you (Bree).
    you might be going for that idk. all and all its a strong piece, just needs some tightening.
    x elle

    about 3 years ago
  • ~Kate T

    Also, many news channels are very one-sided.

    about 3 years ago
  • ~Kate T

    Interesting argument and very well written! However- I am unable to find any legitimate "proof" about Donald Trump winning the election because it was an election "hacked by Russian agents." I would recommend changing the word "hacked" to something else.

    about 3 years ago