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Message to Readers


Fires in Redding, CA

July 27, 2018


Redding of Northern California is a cow town trying to be bigger. If you take out all the box stores, you'll see just how small it is.

And now it's beginning to burn.

A wildfire, now called the Carr Fire, is burning out of control. Hundred foot flames race across dry grass and brush. Smoke plumes can be seen fifty miles away through mountains. Even here, at my home eighty miles away, the air is tinged with smoke and the sun is more gold-orange than yellow.

The fire started in Whiskeytown because of a flat tire. A RV drug the tire rim onto triple degree asphalt, created a spark, and now my world is on fire.

Thanks, tourist.

Though I live eighty miles away, I've been going to Redding for almost as long as I can remember. Almost all my friends live there, I know all the stores and people who work there ... and now those people are fleeing their homes in the middle of the night, trying to find safety with their friends and family. The roads were choked with evacuees. There have been three deaths, two firefighters, one bulldozer driver.

Friends, may good winds fare you, for they may save you. 

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