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"Writing is a passion I have never understood, yet a storyteller is all I've ever wanted to be."
-Ruth Parks

Message from Writer

My name is Ellen, and I’m just a high school junior, trying to survive “the best years of my life.” I take on too much for my own good, but I’m dedicated to managing all of it, especially in my clubs. In my “free time,” I like to wander infrequently traveled paths (like good ol’ Robert Frost), and, of course, write. I also enjoy the occasional novel and strumming the strings of my guitar. In the future, I plan to attend a local college for degrees in Secondary Education with a specialization in English and Creative Writing. I hope to teach high school English and write novels (yes, at the same time) upon graduation from college.

The Band

January 15, 2016


I used to sit and admire
the brass and silver of the band,
how easiest alchemy occured,
how notes joined in sweet symphony.
I used to envy how grand and magical
it all seemed.
Until I realized, I create magic too,
except my instrutment is soundless,
made from wood and graphite;
it creates music,
All with the few flicks of the wrist. 


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