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Maria Nova

United States

The shadows within the circus

December 18, 2015


The smile of a clown is never the brightest. It’s not even real to begin with. Maybe that was the reason no children in Notsob ever went to the circus.  It was located the dark valley, down south of the “haunted” hospital. The circus lasted about a year before it was shut down(1). Some say that the reason that the circus closed down was because the lions for the shows, weren’t really lions. They were possessed by demons. The yells of children was the main noise heard after the circus(2). The owner of the circus, Miss Carla, died right after the circus was closed down. Rumor has it that Miss Carla was under the power of the demons, but after it closed down, her soul was released to the underworld (3). But somehow, people are still able to hear the happy sounds of the Ferris wheel today. Even though that was where Miss Carla’s dead body was found…(4)


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