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Yo, I am 16 years old if you are wondering! You can call me Imani if you want. I love to study languages, Anime, Star Wars, Jesus Christ, Indila (the French singer), Eragon series, Musicals, Stranger things, Netflix, Marvel, and FOOD!

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Part two! I just can't wait to continue with this series! Thank you to Luna Lemon for liking my idea, now I know why authors thank their fans. This is for you, Luna!

The Dawn of Kings (Chapter two)

July 26, 2018


    Thranduil ran as fast as his feet carry him toward the palace. The horn that is only played in a time of danger, fills the forest with panic. Deers, foxes, and small rodents run away from the noise. Thranduil looks out for the she-elf with black hair but doesn't see her anywhere. Thranduil makes it to the bridge. The gate doors are wide open. Oh no! Thranduil thinks to himself. He runs even faster to the palace, so when he gets there he is out of breath. He catches his breath and sprints to the throne room. Many guards stand near the throne surrounding something. King Oropher looks furious. Thranduil needs to see what is going on. He pushes past the guards to get a better look. On his knees, with multiple blades pointed at him, there lies the ugliest orc Thranduil as ever seen.
    Trying not to show his anger too much, Oropher says to the orc, "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't let me guard kill you on the spot because you are trespassing." "I have an urgent message," the orc says in a raspy voice. "Why couldn't the message be sent to me? Why did you have to come?" King Oropher asks in curiosity. 'Becuase it won't be the same." If this orc had to come all this way just to tell a message, it must be of some importance. So, Oropher decides, "Guards remove your weapons from this creature. I want him to tell me this message." The guards slowly step back, but not too far, from the orc. As the guards step back, Oropher catches sight of his son, but he has time for him later. The orc slowly stands up and looks King Oropher directly in the eye. "The forest of Mirkwood has always been the home for elves. Azog believes this should change," Thranduil is scared on what the orc will stay next, "In a fortnight the orcs will bring a war to the Woodland Elves! Pain, turmoil, and blood will be seen from the farthest peak. Azog will win and you will sadly lose." The guards have all their weapons pointed at the orc because he is now five feet from the throne.
    Oropher stands up and with fire in his eyes and with a smile, he looks the orc's cold eyes, "So be it. Tell Azog I will be ready when he is." The orc slightly grins. He walks out of the throne room to deliver the message. Once he is gone, King Oropher tells his guards, "Go after the orc. Kill him and then send a proper message to Azog. Also, make sure the gates are closed completely." The guards nod and go after the orc. Thranduil seizes this moment to leave, but Oropher isn't going to let him leave that easily. "Thranduil, come here. Now," he says sternly as he sits down on his throne. Thranduil knows there is no getting out of this. He walks to his father side with his head down. "Where were you this morning, Thranduil?" "I went for a walk," Thranduil says as he looks down at his feet. "Out of curiosity, did you go to the forest again?" At first, Thranduil doesn't answer, but then he confesses he did.
    "Not only did you disobey me, you left the gate open which could have endangered all of our lives!" Oropher is beyond displeased with his son, he can't even look at him. For a few minutes, they don't talk. Eventually, Thranduil says, "I am truly sorry father." "Some things can't be fixed by saying 'sorry'." "I understand," Thranduil replies. Oropher looks at his son. He kisses him on the forehead. "You have to accept that to be a good king, you have to put your needs above others." "Like the orc?" "Absolutely. Orcs are filth and bring nothing but death" That makes Thranduil smile; finally something they can agree on. "Now," Ororpher stands up and grabs his son's hand, "Why don't we go do some archery? I bet I can beat you." "We'll see about that," Thranduil says with a smile.
     Hand in hand, father and son head out to the field in the back of the palace. Sun shining, birds chirping, and the wind blowing, it is an excellent day for archery. Hours go by fast as Oropher and Thranduil shoot their arrows at targets. Thranduil even shoots two apples off his father's head. Oropher shoots about three more arrows at targets then Thranduil. Soon, it is evening and time for dinner. Dinner is held in the dining hall. Elegant chandeliers hang from the ceiling. A fireplace is in here but not lite. A grand long table is arranged with great care. Bowls of fruit carved to look like many different types of fruit, big bowls of hearty salads, caramelized nuts, baked fish, fruit tarts, and a jug of wine for the king fill the table. It is just a little bit too much for two people. Thranduil and Oropher enter the dining room. Oropher sits at the head of the table and Thranduil the other. They put their food on their plates and they eat in silence. Then Thranduil asks, "Father I was wondering, what is your plan for the battle with the orcs?" Oropher swallows his fish and then replies, "I was thinking we get our best warriors and fight to we win. But was thinking we might need some help, there are a good amount of orcs." Thranduil nods and continues to eat. 
    A servant elf enters the dining hall. He walks over to the king. Bowing, he says, "Your majesty, there is someone in the throne room wanting to talk to you." "Can it wait?" Oropher says as he cuts his piece of fish and takes a bit. "No, it is urgent. An enchantress is here." That catches Oropher's attention. Swallowing, he responds, "Very well, I will be there in a second." The servant leaves the dining hall. Oropher stands up after one more bite of fish. "Can I come with you?" Thranduil asks. Oropher says "Sure". They walk out of the dining hall and turn a corner. Oropher leads them down the hall and into back the throne room. The same she-elf that Thranduil saw in the forest stands below the throne, her cloak is gone. Oropher sits on his throne, Thranduil at his side, and he asks the she-elf, "How might I help?" "My name is Leela. I come on behalf to help you. A little bird told me you needed it." Oropher smiles, "Yes, we do."


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  • Princess Maria

    I love how you bring Azog into this--I can tell you are a huge LOTR fan! I'm glad to see the she-elf again too cause I was pretty sure she was going to be important in the last chapter.

    almost 2 years ago
  • Quille's Dead Account

    Wow! Awesome :DD

    about 2 years ago
  • Catlover

    Thank you! I want to cry tears of joy!

    about 3 years ago
  • Luna Lemon

    Awww thanks for the shoutout! I definitely agree with @Bluewriter; I'm loving this. I really am enjoying your writing-style for this work. It's very descriptive just like Tolkien's work. I'm excited for the next chapter and hopefully we'll discover who this enchantress is. Great job!

    about 3 years ago
  • Catlover

    Aww, that means a lot. I thought of this story about a year ago but never published it.

    about 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Lol, I read good things fast ;)

    about 3 years ago
  • Catlover

    Thank you! My, you can read fast. I just published this.

    about 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Love this!!!!

    about 3 years ago