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Over the past year, I defeated a fear of other people, learned the value of clarity and brevity, fought writer's block, and developed pride in my words.

Now I am a writer with a love for onomatopoeias and an affinity for semicolons.

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oof. it's been awhile. this was nice

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


July 23, 2018

The taste of writer's block is a stuffy, thick mouthful of words. It tastes stale; a pipe in desperate need of cleaning. It is suffocating, like a blanket that used to be warm and comfortable but now you're sweating and it's wrapped around your legs and you try to kick it off but it's bigger than you remember and you're tangled in it. It's the taste of water that's been sitting out for too long; you know it's not abnormal but something about it is off, so you end up dumping the glass anyways. 

So I guess that's what this is. Me dumping the glass


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  • July 23, 2018 - 9:23pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Maya!

    relatable af

    about 3 years ago