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July 23, 2018


The darkness does not scare me, just like it doesn’t scare anyone. It is not the darkness that scares people, that makes them pull their covers up to their nose, letting plain reassures tumble out of their mouth. It is not the darkness that kills a child, it is what the darkness shields. It what creeps along the dark, whether it be in broad daylight or under complete pitch blackness. Something that can touch you or something that only lurks in the blood rushing through your brain. Darkness, is not, in fact is not scary at all, it is only the lack of light. People are still afraid of the thing hiding in the dark when it is broad daylight, people still scream even when a lamp is on. It is not the darkness that kills your heart but rather your mind. It is everything inside your mind that places the fear of the being in the dark with darkness itself. But that thing still lingers, even when you turn on every light on, inside and out your brain. That thing still burns your skin, scoraches every inch of your mind. This thing is not necessarily one thing, it could be many things much like a tree is not only a stump and branch. The mind has many trees growing along it, roots dug so deep into the brain that if you tried to dig it up or remove it you’d kill the person. These trees have branches what have many leaves, these trees house many animals and fruits. They have carved initials in the side, tree houses built in the thick branches, and broken branches where child fell from. The thing about the darkness is it is life, it is a tree that is living and breathing inside your mind. It is alike from the good trees that hold stories of first loves and friends. The thing that lurks in the darkness is good at hiding, manipulating its tree to look just like the rest so no one will find it. It blends in so well, very few even notice it. Very few pick at the tree, tear off a leaf to notice its fake or notice the emptiness of it, the plastic nature of it. Those who do never notice the monster it holds. We may find the darkness, the place of no light, no hope, but we never find that thing that lurks in it. To find that would make it real, make it touchable, and that would make it breakable. You can not break what is not found. You can not break the being that lives in the darkness, to do that you must find it first. You can search under the bed, in the closet, or even out the window. You can look in trash cans and under hats but you may never find the being. The being takes many shapes, people, animals, things that only few can imagine, or maybe even you. How can you find the thing that lurks in the dark if you do not know what it is. To find what lurks in the dark, you must be what lurks in the dark. Maybe it’s best not to find what lurks in the dark, maybe it’s best to be ignorant. If you learn what is in the darkness then what will you do? Propel it into the light? Do you expect it to be broken so easily? What do you do when you discover what is hiding in the dark? You hide it in another tree.
this was written randomly, no prompt or planning before i sat down and wrote it. this was written in fifteen minutes. i recommend that every writer does this once in a while because it was a fun exercise just to not plan out a story and instead just write until the time is up or you finish. 


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  • RNE

    Damn that was brilliant! And only in 15!

    almost 3 years ago
  • Catlover

    Wanted to let you know about my upcoming book club:

    almost 3 years ago

    This is beautiful. Great job on it :)

    about 3 years ago