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I'm a 16 year old from America, residing in Japan. I've been writing since 2014, and now I'm aiming to improve the length and quality of my work. I write what I want to read, which is mostly angst. I write about kpop, overwatch, and MCU. I love reviews so please leave one! Reviews motivate me to write more often and they make me very happy.

What I Have Done This Summer

July 23, 2018


Since June 16th, I have been on summer vacation.
  1. Write 1 chapter of my fanfic and plan many more.
  2. Listen to a lot of ASMR
  3. Buy a video game and play it exactly 1 time.
  4. Sleep all day and be up all night.
  5. Climb from station 5 to station 6 of Mt. Fuji.
  6. Finish 13 Reason's Why
  7. Watch at least 5 episodes of each season of Law and Order: SVU
  8. Pick blueberries.
  9. Make new friends online
  10. Save 300 dollars.
  11. House sit someones' house
  12. Enter a writing competition (on here!)
  13. read exactly 0 books


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