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United States

this is my page

i like to write poems!!


December 17, 2015


A flash of lighting, 
the sway of the breeze.

Its all it took for you and me to find home, 
not in a city. 

The tall buildings,
the seas of taxis.
The gray landscape,
the urban rush.

Where we all the trees?

On a special day 
you might find
the littlest of little
green find.

The instagram photo worthy,
the bustle of the crowds.
Oh no it was all very loud. 

The towering buildings,
the terraces gallore,
the fancy sculptures of anything.
Oh what a bore!

Its not my home,
I hate it I said "I wanted to leave!",
This urban place is no good for me.

I was bored after I finished my exam :-/


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