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The Castle to be Conquered: Chapter One

July 22, 2018


Cuthbert didn’t know how many times he traveled down the dark stairs that lead to his master’s living space. He wasn’t entirely sure how he got into serving his seven masters, and he didn’t really care. He just wanted to get their plans over with, so he could finally rest.

The last step was always the worst. It was one of those dreadful steps that was to high off the ground, like they’re needed to be a step below it. But, still Cuthbert’s needed to find a to get his masters to do their plans.

He needed to get them out of that giant jar first.

Cuthbert was never really aware how his masters got in that giants jar, or what they looked like for that matter, they just seemed to be a dark haze. 

“Hello there, Cuthbert,” One of his masters, with his angry, but somehow kind, voice said,”Any news for us?”

His masters, collectively referred to by their minions as the Oligarchy, always began meetings with Cuthbert like this. But it was usually the angry master, it was usually the supposed head of the Oligarchy, the one that sounded incredibly arrogant.

”Yes, masters,” Cuthbert said,”We have finally found the prideful soul that you seek.”

The haze shook in excitement. At least, that’s what Cuthbert thought it was. It was hard to tell emotions without seeing faces.

”Excellent,” The arrogant master said, finally revealing himself,” The soul that has delayed our freedom for centuries! Tell me, what name does the soul go by now?”

”His name is Jason Volheim,” Cuthbert said,”And he is a captain of the military in Riclordam.”


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