I am high school student. I am keen about writing my thoughts and expressing my feelings. I am a good artist too. I live in India, and I love my country!

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Guys, i just got my heart broken in the morning because my mom suddenly denied me from getting a cat. This paragraph is just to make myself feel better, there is no actual story, but if you see any grammar mistakes please point it out :)

What Made My Day

March 28, 2015



I woke up thinking today will be another boring day of summer. The sun glowering at me. Nothing to do but sit around, wait for something adventurous to turn up. But I was dead wrong. It was my mom who had made my day and the rest of summer: she had bought me a cat! Sorry, let me put that in better words, she had 'adopted' a cat for me.

Since I was a little kid, of six or seven years me and my dad had always wanted a pet, if not a dog, a cat, if not a cat then a maybe even a rat! But my mom hated keeping pets. So what had changed her mind suddenly? I asked her that and she responded, "Its been twelve years since you have wanted a pet, and I thought now that I've got a new job that pays me a good salary, why not a gift for you. This one I found near the office after my interview." And she smiled. "Oh my, this is marvelous! Mom, thank you so much!" I exclaimed. "But on one condition. I'm not taking care of this thing", she said. "Deal", I agreed. 

Guys I just got my heart broken because my mother suddenly denied me from getting a cat. So this paragraph I've just written to make myself feel better. There is no actual story but if you see and grammer mistakes please do ping it out :)


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