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July 20, 2018

PROMPT: Where I'm From

I am from
A room with glittering windows
Where an old blue spirit smoked a pipe
And nodded toward the window
Saying how nice it would be to fly

I am from
A room of gleaming metal
Where a pale ghost ran his hands on the walls
And watched as no blood dripped out
Murmuring how nice it would be to bleed

I am from
A room with creaking floorboards
Where an elf lived under the floor
And grabbed my leg
Whispering how nice it would be to escape

Escape into the darkness beyond the windows
Sink myself into the night sky
And feel my spirit taking to the air
Flying away from my life
Away from where I am from

I am from
A dusty room on the first floor
Where a vampire hid to the side
Chattering incessantly to me
And comforted me in the dark

I am from
A room made of wine red wood
Where a witch crouch in the corner
Taking my face in her gnarled hands
And promised something greater

I am from
A white room of marble
Where a demon smiled from the mirror
Yellow dress stained with blood
And told me to not give up

Don't give up on us, she said
Don't run away into the night
You have forgotten where you're from
You don't have to go back
Just follow us

I've left where I'm from
Found the edge of the world
Stood there, wondering if I'm going to jump
But I was beckoned back
I know where I'm from
Now the question is
Where am I going?
Clearly, this exists on a mental plane rather than a physical one. The people described in this book are either my imaginary friends as a kid (the vampire and the demon) or a past experience that I gave a face to (the old blue spirit, the ghost, and the elf).

It's sort of describing how after some life events, like depression, it's hard to return to normal because you're no longer sure what normal is anymore. You want to be recovered, but the person who you were before doesn't exist anymore. You have to build a new personality while you're still desperately clutching at old memories, trying to be the person in them. But even when you let go and begin looking forward and instead of back, you're not alone. And everything's okay.


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