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Save yourself

By: RavensInkWrites


You were gold first
impossible for me to touch
in the sun so far away

Then you were silver
I could keep you then
but something always stopped me

Soon you became bronze
almost too far gone to see
always to far to help

Eventually you became glass
I watched you hit the ground and shatter
I helped you up with bleeding hands
but you could not be saved

Lastly you were everything
you were everywhere and nowhere
I could not fix you
but you saved yourself

Peer Review

The line that stands out to me the most is, "you were everywhere and nowhere." The reason this stands out to me is because this is really thought-provoking, and powerful. It makes you think. How can you be everywhere, but at the same time, nowhere. It truly adds to the poem.

I'm left with a feeling of longing, I want to know more. This poem was vague, and mysterious, but in a good way. You want to know WHAT exactly the author is referring to (is the author referring to a human? or is the author referring to something much deeper?) This feeling of wanting to KNOW more, for me, is especially strong in lines like, "You were gold first" and "I watched you hit the ground and shatter."

What inspired you to write this poem?

Reviewer Comments

Very well written. Keep up the good work!