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I like sunsets and reading and writing.
I make nice lists and attempt poetry.
I write what comes to mind.

Message from Writer

Today, look up what time sunset is.
Set an alarm.
No matter what you're doing when it goes off, go outside and watch the colors of the sky.
Take a picture. Breathe deep. Write about it.
Write exactly what you see. Buildings, people, colors, etc.
Write exactly how you feel. Nostalgic, gleeful, stirred, why?

Comment on one of my pieces so I can read your sunset thoughts :)

where I want to live

July 20, 2018


I want to live in New York,
In the heart of hustle and bustle.
Reading newspapers,
Rushing to Starbucks on my way to work.
Dodging taxi's, having lunch in Central Park, watching musicals on Broadway.

But then,

I want to live in the European countryside,
Away from unorganic noise and the city.
Watching cows roam,
Fresh baguettes every morning.
Watching tractors go by, and waving to the farmers.


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  • Faith Camp

    I relate to this sooooo much

    about 3 years ago