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hey, i'm Jo.
(don't own pic)
i love so many things,
forest colors
navy blue
sun yellow
caramel and vanilla in my coffee
chocolate covered berries
feeling pretty
wanting to find the right guy

love you guys...

Message from Writer

thanks to anyone who reads something i write, and i appreciate your feedback and comments. i will be trying to write, and write, and write, until i can get something that i might actually be able to work on and publish into the real world in the future.
good luck on your work and school and music and whatever else you have going on...
P.S. i'm a slytherin, please don't judge 'cause i'm still nice... i promise :)

Ink - Reimagined

July 20, 2018


    I like to think that every free moment of my life has been spent writing. It sure seems that way. Questions, and wonders, and far away lands have always been my friends. The thoughts are scattered around, not really a pattern as anything I could use became something to write on. Notebooks, school assignments, online places, all up and down my arms, or just memorized.
    Every title reminds me of the words that I haven't written yet, the sentences left in fragments. My pen makes indents on the blank page, all out of ink, but no matter, all the fantasy is gone. Every second I sit here, at my desk, reality creeps up on the back of my mind, chasing ideas away. It’s torture as I wait for the words to come, but no one’s knocking at my mind’s door.
    So I put in my earbuds, listen to the music play. I try to sing, but no lyrics come out, and I try to write them down, but, oh yeah, no ink. I grab a pencil, scribble harder, but no matter how hard I try, I can’t find any letters. The page starts to rip as my mind screams, Listen to me! Because I can feel them just on the edge, my words receding. I just can’t find the password.
This is a work in progress for me, and it is based on the original Ink post.


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  • Johanna

    This is so true~

    10 months ago
  • BlueWriter

    This is really good! Keep up the good work!!

    over 1 year ago
  • rosemarywisdom

    I agree with ~Kate. I love this piece!

    over 1 year ago
  • ~Kate T

    I really like this so far! For me, as a writer I can relate to a lot of the things you say in the piece. "Questions, and wonders, and far away lands have always been my friends." This is my favorite line.

    over 1 year ago