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i like many shows and in very many fandoms i am the girl that will sing my heart out if no one hears... i am the girl that moved from Kansas i'm the girl that wants to be author and never lose hope....

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i finally was able to get around to copy and pasting the first two chapters on here sorry for the long hiatus no ideas plus older brother got me playing this internet game called neopets and I've been re-watching legend of korra made it to season three episode 12 so yea sometimes i get carried away with things and forget i have a perfect place for writing stories right here


Reality to Equestria chapter 1 and 2

December 16, 2015


this is my fanfic of how i became an alicorn in the magnificent world of Equestria….

there was text here but it menchine crushes yadda yadda yadda lets just say i got mad "im 16 here i think" i got into my car....

 i heard someone say look out! as i crashed into a person's car everything went black
“pri-prin-princess celestia!” “yes?” “ we have an urgent message from twilight” “what is it what did she say?” “ wel-well …” “spit it out commander golden arrow” “there's a unconscious alicorn in ponyville “ “i don't how to reply to this” “please princess i know this is a lot to take in but” “commander golden arrow please tell everyone who knows about this to not panic and insure that luna is in charge while i'm off to ponyville to discuss some serious matters with my young student twilight sparkle” “of course your majesty i send the message”
“oh what should i do OH what should i do the princess isn't here yet and I AM FREAKING OUT “ there was a knock at the door “oh thank celestia she's here” “WHO'S READY TO PARTY!!!” “pinkie now's not the time i need applejack and rarity at the moment not some crazy pony who will
distract the princess as we attend to very important business” “THE PRINCESS IS COMING AND I'M NOT EVEN INVITED TO MY OWN PARTY!!” “well you and rainbow dash her mojo of showing off is a bit untheatrical how in the world does she do it under 20 seconds flat?” “DID SOMEBODY DARE ME TO FLY UNDER 20 SECONDS FLAT!!” “rainbow not the time “ “aww but i wanna show you how good i am” “rainbow you showed me like 200 times i think that's enough” “wanna make that 201?” “bye rainbow dash bye pinkie pie” “hey pinkie why is twilight shutting us out i never seen her like this now that i think about it i have but this is a story so i HAVE to pretend i don't know” “rainbow dash that's MY job to break the fourth wall “ “fine i’ll just be 20% cooler as always “ “ i guess because because….” “pinkie why are you crying?”
“TWILIGHT WON'T LET ME GO TO MY OWN PARTY JUST BECAUSE MY PARTIES WILL DISTRACT THE PRI the pri the pri THE PRINCESS WAHHHHH” “ok this IS new of twilight why is she doing this?” “I DON'T KNN KNOWWWWW …..oh wait i do so she want princess celestia to come over because she found a alicorn unconscious in the middle of the everfree forest so twilight didn't want to bring attention to herself or cause any panic so she try to teleport from everfree to her tree but she didn't have enough energy or strength whichever you wanna call it to teleport both her and the unknown alicorn so she went over to zecora's for help and by the time she got there there were changelings everywhere with zecora as their changeling queen mfmfmf”
“okay pinkie i think you said enough also what in the name of celestra are changelings?” “ oh yeeeaaaah thhhaattt you'll learn about them later in the seasons” pinkie pie skips away happily humming this day aria. twilight slowing closed the window after overhearing what pinkie said “how does pinkie know? i was being as secretive as possible well she pinkie so what SHOULD i expect ...then again i hope nopony else heard that or there is going to be some havoc around town twilight silently went up to her room and whispered to the unconscious alicorn “sleep well princess celestia will come any moment and everything will be alright”  there was a knock at the door twilight screamed “WHO IS IT???” “twilight it's me spike celestia says she wants to see you for something….” twilight replied “tell the princess to come upstairs to my room “ “ok i tell her right away “ twilight waited patiently the princess slammed the door open and then shut it “twilight sparkle are all the windows shut?” “yes” “is everything soundproof” “well let me double check…” “because no one should know it will cause chaos” “that's what i said and yes now it is fully soundproof” “good now where is that alicorn you were talking about??” twilight pointed to her bed “ “twilight this better be no foolery or i will be very disappointed in you” “celestia i thought you notice?” “notice what?” she used her magic and nodded “that was smart of you to put a inviable magic cloak over her but keep in mind this is the only time you should used magic above you level now twilight is it true you think this alicorn was listening to our whole conversation? “ “well i don't know she could still be unconscious“ “even though it seems undetermined let's take some light from the sun”  a bunch of light flashed at my eyes

in the name of celestia is that a alicorn bu...but that can't be celestia and luna are the only alicorns in all of equestria oh how will the ponies when they see THIS it will be intire chaos i must keep this hidden twilight used her magic and founded that she only was teleported no no no she teleported back and carried the alicorn to zecora's to see if she can help with this twilight what a unexpected surprise your….your not zecora i am a changeling as you can see but now that you see the real me will you flee or ask if you may help me? i i'm so confused how can i trust you?? trust is like dust it fades away once the wind blows but it all depends on who and what's true   well i guess….  twilight is that a alicorn i see or am i just imagining thee ok you are right there is a alicorn on my back but i don't have enough strength and energy to carry her all the way to ponyville without causing a ruckus and she's unconscious please help her  i see young twilight is started to put past the changeling me now shall we help the alicorn for free zecora joked now follow me inside my hut somewhat and i'll mix tricks to transfix your magic without becoming a tragic zecora i think i need to be back in sink of the golden oaks library or spike may think i'm long gone..wait did i just rhyme??  while other changelings might be a bit strict i use some fun and make other pony rhyme to past the time so i won't be alone like the zebra kind now that potion it is currently in motion nows it's done so you better run wha what do you mean twilight drank the potion and ran with the alicorn ending up in her home
ahhh i screamed as darkness fades away “see twilight that young alicorn was hearing not seeing to know what's going on” i was sweating as my vision cleared up and i looked up at princess celestia “i know you're wondering how you got here but i'm certain twilight can ex-” i said with horror “i thought i was dead saved me”  twilight came closer “all i was doing was the right thing” “now before we go and try to explain this madness i got one single question what is your name” a idea of a story popped into my head i quickly used my magic to locate the nearest paper and quill once i found it i started writing right away “it seems this alicorn found it talent a cutie mark showed i was embarrassed sorry i was so caught up with a story idea that i forgot the question “  “the question was what is your name” “fran...fantasy writer” “well fantasy writer it seems you stumble upon equestria so please for the time being make yourself at home  “but Celestia what will we tell Luna or ponyville or even equestria for that matter?” celestia turned towards the purple unicorn “twilight sparkle i know this is a lot to take in but i need you to understand we can keep this a secret as long we like but somepony will find out eventually…and let's not forget that luna can look into people's dreams so i have a feeling she already knows..” there was a knock on the door i looked up from writing my story and i asked them “is one of you gonna get that?” they looked at each other then looked at the door celestia lowered the shield spell and soundproof spell they nodded it's time twilight went over to the door and opened it “ twilight is celestria  here” twilight opened the door wider so luna could see celestia and me  “she's the one isn't she shes the young fallen alicorn begging me to wake her out of her slumber…..”        “oh….so the rumors are true…..” “celestia what are you talking about” “twilight tell me this why would you think i came over here” “because of fantasy writer of course” “ we feared this might happen” “pri princesses what are you talking about celestia luna please what why” “you must leave with your friends now…..” “i i don't understand” “GO” “but what did i ever do…” “twilight TWILIGHT “ “ya fantasy writer” “celestia hasn't come yet are you gonna stay by the window all day or can i go yet” “not until she comes “ “please tell me you weren't thinking of a worst case scenario for me


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  • FantasyWriter

    and that where the preview makes sense the only reason i put so celestia isn't really there is because once i scrapped that idea i kinda wanted twily to be the bad guy either way but at the time when i wrote some of this i ran out of ideas so i started anew while still keeping the old idea there...


    over 5 years ago