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Where I'm From {nowhere but everywhere}

July 20, 2018

PROMPT: Where I'm From

Where I'm From

I am from, first, the sea                                                                                                                   
from the Mediterranean and colourful crooked buildings 
I am from the six months in South Korea; almost unremembered
(A thick picture album,
that creates those memories)
I'm from the bus
carrying my best friends at age one
and the new Gulf city
with sitting on the floor together waiting for a birth.

I'm from the desert,
            and the sweltering hot summers.
I'm from ten years of malls
            without crossing streets with stoplights,
in the compound and the co-op.
I'm from ice cubes on swings in the summer
            with little house on the prairie
            and potlucks or going away parties

I'm from mountainous villages and Egyptian traffic,
biryani and cheeseburgers and baguettes.
From back to my roots I don't fully recognize,
            along with close yet stranded canadian nationalism,
and feeling on the edge of the outside.

Inside my phone 
are all my connections growing stronger or weaker,
time stamps with different countries and locations
with countless airplane sky photographs; with chat screenshots to remember words never said aloud.
I am from neither here nor from there or enough for either-
but maybe all of this in a people-and-place-enriched-
confused and messy person.



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  • ~Kate T

    Very well written!

    about 3 years ago