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July 19, 2018

PROMPT: Paint Swatch

    it's the color you feel at a concert, the moment before the lights burst and all you are is this moment. she kisses you under a heavy storm and you swear you'll die if the sky opens up any more, because you're bleeding heavy raindrops and your soul can't hold anything else. a boy grabs you on the street and you make him regret it, walking home with your blood on your knuckles and a weight left behind on the alley behind the club.
    take this feeling and use it as a sword, use it when the knot in your chest doesn't let go and all you need is burning body to know you are alive. fight with it and make your curses bleed until the only roaring is that of the sea stealing the dead you left on its shores. when you are done, bury it with your demons so that the earth may return it to someone else. the earth may love you but she is cruel and she takes back what she grows.


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  • ~Kate T

    This is beautiful :) I love how fluent you are with your words

    almost 2 years ago