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Treat everyone with some fricken respect, fuckers

Disrespect comes with age part two: education.

July 18, 2018


I'm in grade one: My teacher screams at me for not alerting her I'd been stung by a bee- The irony was that I was afraid of telling her and having her scream at me.

I'm in grade two: The teacher makes fun that I have to sit on a hot water bottle because I have a balance problem.

I'm in grade three: My grade three teacher was an angel. Nothing bad happened. I miss her to this day.

I'm in grade four: My teacher refuses to get me an assistant when I sprained my hand and couldn't write.
She also gave a new student a detention on his first day for something that was my fault- which I told her and she ignored me. 
She gave a girl a detention because the girl frightened me and I was shaken. it was a harmless prank and I wasn't poorly affected.
She made me sit and cry in front of everyone when I was emotional and wanted to be left alone. 
She ignored my love to be social and shut it down. My therapist agrees she might be to blame for my social anxiety.
I forced myself to throw up for a week so I wouldn't have to sit in her classes.

I'm in grade five: My teacher singled out two people to pick on.
I was, surprise surprise, one of them.
He pestered and jestered, but I'll never forget this one time.
I cut my hair to a bob. The bob brushed my shoulders- too long for our dress code if not tied back. I didn't have a hair tie. He gave me a rubber band. I had thick curly hair. I wore the rubber band, complained about how much it hurt to a friend, and he heard me. He yanked it from my hair with one finger and scooped my hair and put it in front of my mouth. "Does it still hurt when you can't talk?!" He asked. 

I'm in grade six: I get along with my teacher, except for one single detail.
She didn't believe for a second that somebody could draw and listen at the same time. 
So, term four came- it was almost summer break. She read the notices as I drew.
"Georgia, what did I just say?!"
My time had come. I looked at her, deadpan. I recited from start to finish the notices, without hesitance. Friends gaped at my sass. I felt nothing but power.
Everyone clapped. I was beyond furious. 

I'm in grade seven: My teachers finally understand my social and creative side, but they too have bad sides.
CF teacher? Sexist. And he hates our generation.
English and history? Degrading. She was awful to my best friend and hates my brother. And any enemy of my friends or family is an enemy of mine. She allows boys to harass girls and then gives me detentions for doing something harmless.
Maths and science? Touchy. She always put her opinions about me in. Telling me to fix my hair and invading my personal space.

I'm in grade eight:
My form teacher excuses sexism because of how boys brains work.
My history teacher works me until I'm raw.
My English teacher took my creativity and threw it in the garbage with a smile. 
My sports teacher wishes I was as good as my brother.
My graphics teacher slams tables and insults students.
My French teacher complained about millennials more than she taught her Gen Z students.

I'm in grade nine:
My science extension teacher lets a boy choke another student and taught us actually nothing. We went straight into the assessment with no lessons.
My science teacher calls his female students 'little lady' and refuses to receive advice. There was a flaw in the test paper? TOO BAD IF HE ASKED FOR QUESTIONS. HE ISN'T HELPING YOU.
The grade seven CF teacher still sucks, as does the English and history woman who is our coordinator. 
The sex ed teacher laughed at the "Love is Love" slogan and made fun of trans people. 
Another class had a science teacher who shouldn't be allowed to teach. He fat shames his students, is racist against them, is sexist against them, and MADE A JOKE ABOUT SLITTING YOUR WRISTS AS IF THAT'S OKAY. He moved schools, thank the lord.
School is meant to help kids grow and learn. So if you are telling your student to shut up and not pursue their gifts, you are the problem. How my junior school teachers treated my talkativeness is a likely reason to why I have social anxiety. And how my middle school teachers have treated me as a person has probably impacted my view of myself. A good teacher can build a future. A bad one cuts it down. As years pass, my teachers improve. But by senior school, the previous damage is already done.
So, if you're a teacher, love your students, punish them properly and give them warning of said punishments. Be slow for some and faster for others, our lives are in your hands.

Lather, rinse, repeat. 



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  • Johanna

    I suddenly feel even more grateful towards my teachers

    about 2 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife

    I'll be there in five lol *throws self in suitcase*

    about 2 years ago
  • Anha


    about 2 years ago
  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    This is so good but it made me so angry at all of your teachers ^^ Am I allowed to time-travel back, move to your school, and slap your fifth year teacher after he did that to you?

    over 2 years ago
  • StrawberryMilk

    I wish that every teacher could see this. It's very powerful.

    over 2 years ago
  • paperbird

    This is a really well written piece. I can totally relate. When I was in fifth grade during P.E. I got a burst of energy and started lapping everyone while running laps around the field. The coach saw me lapping a bunch of athletic boys and said as a tease, “You guys are being beaten by a girl.”
    School sucks sometimes

    over 2 years ago
  • paperbird

    This is a really well written piece. I can totally relate. When I was in fifth grade during P.E. I got a burst of energy and started lapping everyone while running laps around the field. The coach saw me lapping a bunch of athletic boys and said as a tease, “You guys are being beaten by a girl.”
    School sucks sometimes

    over 2 years ago
  • Kahasai

    Oh, wow, that's awful. I'm sorry you've had so many terrible teachers.

    I hope your next teachers are rays of fair creativity.

    (Also, this is well written. Please, keep it up. This feels really raw.)

    over 2 years ago
  • ALangford

    this was really cleverly written. have you considered maybe whether this might not be a personal thing (ie related to individual teachers) but more of a systemic issue? I come from a big family of teachers & know how hard they have to work for such a little amount of money & yet know they'd always want the best from their students. obviously you've had some bad experiences. maybe some research into the educational system might help to solidify your perceptions of what you've suffered and to consider whether it can be prevented for others??
    great piece of work, well done! x

    over 2 years ago