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Joel Colon

United States

Old Man Under The Sea

December 16, 2015


Joel Colon
Mr. Doreian
Ela 10

    It was febuarary 14 1931. Arnold had just finished buying flowers and a ring for his soon to be fiance. Arnold was 64 years old and had been waiting for a special day to get engaged with Nancy his lover. Arnold had bought a house 2 weeks. He and Nancy had been living their for 1 month and today was the day of their engagement. What Arnold didnt know about the house was that before they lived their previous owners died in a mysterious accident. There was no evidence of a break in or any signs of struggle. Arnold had bought that house not knowing that infromation. When Arnold reached his house after perchasing the flowers and the ring he invited Nancy to a walk on the beach. It was 8:00 pm and Arnold was about to purpose to Nancy on the docks. Bam! The Women became possesed and was trying to kill Arnold. "Honey, what are you doing!?". Arnold said. "Humiliter majestati gloriae tuae supplicamus!" Nancy yelled. Then Arnold noticed that Nancy was not herself. She never learned spoke or learned latin in her life. Arnold was trying to fight Nancy off but Arnold couldnt handle the demons power. Splash! Arnold fell into the water and drowned under the sea. To this day people say they see far off in the ocean an old man walking on the shore at night trying to find Nancy's lost soul.



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