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An awesome artist named Echo came out and made a great analogy of what it's like to be ace so I'm adding to it so maybe some particular people can understand (*cough* sorry I forgot to take my anti-pettiness pills today)

July 13, 2018


Imagine everyone really likes doorknobs.
The world is crazy for them. Magazines have underlying references to doorknobs to add to the interest and when a movie has a big doorknob scene its usually a big deal. Usually boys like the silver ones and girls like gold door knobs, but slowly, as years go by, people are accepting people liking silver and/or gold doorknobs no matter who they are- and other colours too! 
Nevertheless, people are always talking about doorknobs. Everyone has their shapes and preferences of doorknobs, everyone finds enjoyment in reading or watching others enjoying their doorknobs, maybe even fictional characters. People always try and guess what colour doorknob their role models like. 
Everyone is this way, except you.
You don't hate doorknobs, you just don't know what the fuss is. Maybe you even have a small collection of doorknobs. But you wouldn't hate everything if you got rid of your doorknobs and never associated yourself with them again. 
You tell your friends this. The results are mixed. Some are confused, but excited to accept you! Others, well...

"What if your boyfriend likes doorknobs? Are you going to pry that away from him?"

"You like doorknobs! Who doesn't? You're just trying to not be mainstream."

"I've never met someone who didn't LOVE doorknobs. Are you sure you're not sick?"

"But you were born with a key! Are you going to waste that? What would your parents say?"

"Ohhh you must've opened a door once and the doorknob hit you in the stomach and hurt you so you're hasty around them."

"Loving doorknobs comes with age, you'll grow to enjoy them!"

"You can't have a working door without a doorknob!"

"Just because your doorknobs must've been rusty doesn't mean all are! You're picky!"

And it's enough to make you, well, a bit angry.
But, you learn you're not alone. 
You find an anti-doorknob community. And they are happy as who they are, just like you! Some of them like having doors, just not doorknobs. Others are all for walls and only walls and don't really care for doors or doorknobs. They are anti-doorknob and anti-door.
Some anti-doorknobs love playing with doorknobs, they just don't get excited when they see them
Some don't care for doorknobs
Some are disgusted by doorknobs.
Some in the community only like doorknobs when seen on particular doors.
Some in the community like doorknobs, but v e r y rarely. 

The main issues are
1) when an anti-doorknob looks at a door and likes it (only the door) and the people around them are like "I THOUGHT YOU WERE ANTI-DOORKNOB" 
2) when an anti-doorknob uses a doorknob and everybody around them concludes that someone who doesn't like doorknobs couldn't P O S S I B L Y use one so they must not be anti-doorknob.
Now, change doorknobs with everything associated with the sexual agenda.
The anti-doorknob community is the asexual community. 
Keys are sexual organs, doors are the romantic agenda. Walls are platonic affection. Those who like walls and doors and not doorknobs (romantics but not sexual tendencies) are asexual with some sort of romantic (heteroromantic, biromantic, homoromantic). Those who are anti-doorknob and anti-door and like just walls and nothing else are asexual aromantics. They are happy with just friends and that's okay.

Those who like playing with doorknobs but don't get excited when they see them are sex-positive asexuals they enjoy taking action but they don't get an attraction. Those who don't care about doorknobs are sex-nuetral asexuals. Those who are disgusted by doorknobs are sex-repulsed.

Those in the community who only like doorknobs when seen on particular doors are people who only feel sexual attraction after a romantic relationship is formed. This is called demisexual. Those in the community who are interested in doorknobs but very rarely are grey-sexuals. They've felt sexual attraction, but far less than average.
So, I am, from my experience so far, a sex-nuetral heteroromantic asexual. 
Excuse me, I mean I don't care about doorknobs and I don't feel a want to play with them. But, I still like doors. 
Let's say stereotypically, women are meant to like wooden doors, though some like metal doors and they are making sure that's known too.
I like wooden doors. I have romantic interactions with men. (Heteroromantic- I'm romantically attracted to the opposite gender- the typical.)
I don't like doorknobs. Never have. (No sexual attraction- asexual)
But, there might be a door that a doorknob looks really nice on. (Maybe, I'll find out I'm demisexual)
I don't care if other people like doorknobs. In some cases, I actually like the idea of two people bonding over doorknobs, I just don't want to use a doorknob myself. (I'm sex-neutral, but I don't mind seeing or reading *scenes*. Most of the time I just look at them like "well okay we're doing this now that's fine but I liked the snuggling more."
I hope this has been educational.
And if you think "Liking doorknobs? That's odd."
I don't get it. What is it? Why do you want it? Are you all messing with me?
It's difficult to explain something you don't feel.
If this wasn't educational enough- think this.
Heterosexual- standing on one leg
Homosexual- Standing on the other
Bisexual- Standing on both legs
Queer(or questioning)- walking, switching legs with time and movement
Pansexual- standing on all fours
Polysexual- Standing on all fours on a chair- so there are even more legs
(FYI- not everyone, not even all in the LGBTQ+ community, agrees with polyamory, but that's an opinionf for another day when I'm more educated and I know each side to the story.)
Asexual- Floating majestically
Greysexual- Floating, with a few stutters in anti-gravity every now and then.
Demisexual- Floating, but can stop floating if they trust someone to help them down. 

There are more sexualities, but if you can understand that, you know significantly more than average.


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  • AcetheticallyPleasing

    Of course we're floating majestically- we're magical.
    All jokes aside, this was super good, and I like that while the message you convey is more directed at asexuality, there are still acknowledgements to other sexualities and romanticies. I'll definitely be watching the link too.

    over 2 years ago
  • Dani A. Remlap

    Lovely analogy. Great job. Really love this and how you try to include many orientations and sexualities

    over 2 years ago
  • camlily

    I 100% agree with Kahasai. I'm still figuring myself out, but this was really a great way to show people what it really is like to be asexual.

    Also, the word doorknob just sounds weird now XD

    over 2 years ago
  • Kahasai

    This is a really cool analogy. Thanks for sharing. It put things into a good perspective.

    over 2 years ago
  • LackingASocialLife <<< Echo's link

    over 2 years ago