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Hello all! My name is Heather. I love all a manner of fiction, types spanning from Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" all the way to the Timothy Zahn Star Wars novels. Outside of writing, my hobbies include acting, singing, and tabletop RPG!

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Mishuk gotal'u meshuroke, pako kyore. (This is in mando'a! Star Wars nerds can translate it if they wish!)


July 25, 2018


I don’t understand.
Every single time he looks at me my heart flutters
I don’t want to get crushed like so many times before
Even though we’re friends, Is it too much to like him more?

It’s so difficult to have your crush tell you he likes another girl
Even worse when you try to help, but he shoos you away
I want to cry, but then I smile painfully and say
“Good for you,” and “I want you to stay.”

You want to tell him it’s a bad idea.
Because she isn’t worth the risk
Can’t he understand I’m here for him?
Or is he just too blind to see?

Or then again…

Is there something wrong with me?


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  • Johanna

    My heart...

    almost 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    I feel the exact same way about someone else. Love this so much.

    about 3 years ago