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I wrote this in a moment of frustration and bitterness. Hope it is not too depressing:)

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I'm Sorry | Emotionless #SFOW11

December 5, 2018


I'm sorry. 

I'm sorry, Dad,
that I am your daughter.
I'm sorry that I 
   put things off
   am forgetful
   get angry
   have a temper
   hold grudges,
   don't do my chores
   make little sense sometimes.

I'm sorry, Mom,
that I am your daughter.
I'm sorry that I 
   am a perfectionist
   like to do things in a certain order
   am stubborn
   get frustrated
   throw a fit
   am too involved
   take on too much.

I'm sorry
that I
don't meet expectations.
I'm sorry that I
   am not what you want me to be
   don't act like a perfect angel.
I'm sorry
for being different,
I'm sorry that I am not
   perfectly grown-up and knowledgeable
   perfectly willing and helpful
   perfectly artistic and pretty
   perfectly thoughtful and energetic
   perfectly innocent and adorable
as all my siblings.

I'm sorry 
for being
I'm sorry that I 
   like my privacy
   prefer independence
   understand things differently
   am still learning and maturing
   feel insecure and uncertain
   argue, disappoint, and annoy
   am a night owl (not a morning riser)
   feel like an inconvenience.
I'm sorry 
for everything.
I'm sorry I
   don't always understand
   am not everything I know I should be
   mess things up
   can't do everything,
      be everything.

I'm sorry
   I'm not good enough
   I have your flaws
   I am your daughter.

God, please be with me.
This was a prompt by SomeFormOfWriting that I never got around to writing until now. 
The prompt asked for a poem that expressed feeling/emotion without using "emotion words" (happy, sad, angry, afraid, etc.). So although I have used some "emotion words," (angry, frustrated, etc.), that is not the tone of this piece. Yes, I was angry and upset when I wrote this, but what I felt was something slightly different. 

Sometimes, I feel
   like the least favorite child.

And no, my parents are not abusive or especially cruel to me (please don't think that's what I mean!), but I sure don't feel great about myself sometimes.


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  • BrokenSmile

    I know you wrote this a while ago, but I really like it. It captures the feeling o feel sometimes. I especially like the formatting and repetition of the phrase “I’m sorry”. Keep it up!

    over 1 year ago
  • Made4Love

    Thank you! That really meant a lot to me!

    over 1 year ago
  • Jae

    Wow, this is really really good! I was just reading this, and you know we feel a little worthless sometimes, but I don't know... something about this was really sending big signals to my brain!
    No joke I got goosebumps the first time I read this, and after about the 3rd time through, I started to feel a little bit more like I was back on earth again.
    I guess I have no clue what just happened, but it was really something else!

    over 1 year ago