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Angelique Araneta Manalo


Nolyn Angelique Manalo | Filipina | 17 | Aspiring writer | ICT Student | Seventh Day Adventist | Grade 12 | @june_tres1028 (ig) | @AnGelLiqueManalo (twitter)

Message to Readers

Hello! Angelique here from Philippines! I would want to share to you pur land in just a minute or two. So hope you like it and please leave a review of what did you felt of this piece. Thanks. Mabuhay!

The Smiley Place

July 11, 2018


'Twas a place where even a gloomy day could be blooming because of the people's smile. Philippines. Here is where I was born. A place that educated me to value even the smallest things because it could be my everything. To live happily despite of all the hardships that I have. To live through our pledge that we will serve the Lord as well as our country wholeheartedly.
I'm specifically from the island of Mindanao where terrorism attacks mostly happens. But despite of all the fears that chills us every night and day, we still manage to smile. We still manage to be hospitable. Not because we conceal the grim of the land but because it is our nature to bring everyone smiles and let them feel welcome.
Our country is blessed with so many wonders that some of it is known to everyone. We may be poor but we are rich with all the wonders that your eyes would want to see. We have so many beaches, mountains for those who loves hiking and camping, historical places if you want to know Philippines more and also the happiest people with a simpliest happiness. Even a 10 peso (it is around cents to US dollar) dried fish is enough to relief the growling tummy of us, actually it's a famous comedy in our country to just sniff that dried fish hanged at the center and just swallow a rice (that's our primary food, rice). Funny to see but if you think further, it's not. It is the shadow of the reality of this country. Not all things are perpect so Philippines really isn't. There are beggars whose happy with just a coin made out of some sorts of metal.
Filipinos are very helpful. That even though we are not wealthy enough, we still do help everyone as long as we could help. We may be poor at all the worldly wealth but we are rich in heart. That's what makes us a true Filipino. We don't want anyone to feel sad because we live in the Smiley Place and we should share Smiley Faces too.
Philippines is such a great country for me. With the place that will leave you enchanted. With the people who will welcome you with their warmest welcome. With the Philippines itself. I must say I am proud to be a Filipino. Hope to see you here!


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