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Riya M.

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I dabble at all things, I'm a dabbler.

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I have this feeling

July 11, 2018


I have this indescribable feeling.  A feeling of dread , doom , joy , happiness , longing. It's hard to explain but I long to be in this particular feeling of peace and sadness. A type of mellow sadness. The type of sadness you can't explain without music , and art , and memories. I long to sit by myself for hours in an orchard and just look up at the stars. I long to do something important with my life and of course with vain I suppose belong to something great . I long to be a person people can look up to , a person people respect . I don't know what exactly I long to be just yet but I will be that person one day . I just feel like a lion ready to pounce, a lion in action , or ready to be in action. I feel this. I have this feeling of a haze over my life. I long to be in a place filled with security and warmth and happiness. Happiness is something I long for , it can only be achieved by doing something great so perhaps it's greatness that I long for? "I seek the great perhaps" I suppose I'm still in the seeking stage of my life.  I feel something , I just can't explain but take up my word on this. I will become something great , until then , this feeling will have to do . 


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