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Cereal I Shall Eat

December 16, 2015



Pitter patter as the rain hits the rooftop. I attempt at rest but am woken by hunger. After pacing back and forth I tiptoe down the staircase, when the kitchen 6)door slams shut with a bang. I pry it open and hear the rusty hinges fighting back. Cereal, I shall eat. I need milk, cereal, a spoon and a bowl, a bowl, a bowl? a bowl!........ TUNG! ROOM! The bowl has shattered upon hearing the rumble of the  6) thunder, the pitter patter of the rain and the hustle of the wind. HHHHHHHHHH…….. sounds the low whisper. Is anybody here? Help me, I’ve been trapped here for weeks. There’s no light, nothing, but the glow of the full moon. HHHHHHHHH……. There’s no use, 1) I’ll be stuck within these chained up doors. I open my eyes with a gasp of air to the pitter patter and sigh,  just to close them again and rest.


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