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Traveling Trains

July 9, 2018


Steel, wood, rock, rails
Endless trails of travel.

Walls, trees, fields, people,
New worlds to unravel.

Open skies of far-flung clouds
Like boats scattered across a sea

Cities standing tall and mighty
Blurred by the space between.

The wheels bounce along the rails and
The world zooms by unaware.

Look, there, in the distance-
Do you see it?
There are lives that
For a moment
We get to witness.

A horse turns and shakes his head
A little girl jumps down from a bough
A man stands above the world on a water tower, and thinks of all the color he can capture on a canvas.

Every country has its character
Every place has its people
Every town has its train

Endless trails that wait to be travelled,
New worlds to be unraveled,

If only you look and see.
The places you pass by
The lives you can scry
If only for a moment.


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