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Message to Readers

I did a little bit of editing, and I also wanted to tell you guys, that the last bit of this chapter, when she's crying out to God for help, that is a true story. Those were my words a while back. The reason I'm telling you this, is that, if you feel like God has left you, or doesn't care about you, He does. I'm still slowly discovering this, but I know it is true. I hope this chapter can give you some kind of hope. Have a good day. :)

Evidence for Angels: Chapter 27

July 11, 2018


Thump thump!
Josie looked up in surprise. She glanced at Abbie sitting across from her on the couch, then stood and peered through the hole. She quickly drew back and hid around the corner to the kitchen. Abbie looked at her confused. Josie looked away and muttered,
   “You can get it.”
Abbie stood and peered through the door, and finally understood. She opened the door. Gabe stood on the front porch, his hands behind his back, looking sad, and humble. His eyebrows raised when he saw Abbie.
   “Hi Abbie, uh… is Josie here?”
Abbie glanced back and saw a hand sticking out around the corner, shaking as if it was a head. She looked back at Gabe.
   “She says ‘no’.”
Gabe didn’t smile, but gave a sad nod.
   “Okay. Well, when you see her again, will you tell her I stopped by and… wanted to say that I’m sorry. I never should’ve blew up like that. I just want her to know that…. No matter what happens, or what I say in the heat of the moment, I’ll always love her, and-”
   “Oh good grief.”
Abbie interrupted.
   “Tell her yourself.”
She stood to the side, and held her hand out, beckoning him to enter the house. He stepped in hesitantly, but his face lit up slightly when he saw Josie step around of the corner.
   “Josie, I just wanted to say that-”
   “Shut up Gabe.”
Josie interrupted him the same as Abbie and stepped forward. She wrapped her arms around his waist, and laid her head on his chest. Gabe smiled the same as Mason and wrapped his arms around her. He closed his eyes, as if basking in the feeling of having her in his arms. He looked around at Abbie, smiled at her and mouthed the word,
   ‘Thank you’
She smiled and nodded back, then left the two standing in the entry way and sat back down on the couch. She could hear them talking as she flipped through pictures on her phone. Lot’s of pictures of her and Mason together filled up the space, but as she flipped a little further back, the man behind started to change. Instead of the dark brown, almost black, hair and the teal eyes, it was a muddy brown head with wavy, almost curly hair, and brown and green eyes. He was taller, and didn’t stand as close, but he was still there. He was with her, always. No matter what. Even if she was having a bad day, he would be there for her, letting her know that even her grumpy attitude wouldn’t deter him. She stared at a picture that Hilda had taken while they were bowling. Daniel has one hand resting underneath her hers, showing her how to hold the bowling ball, and the other was on her back. Their heads were close together as they looked down the aisle at the pins. Time seemed to freeze around her, and Daniel’s words came back to her, as if he was sitting right next to her, speaking the words softly in her ear again.
   ‘Focus on the middle pin for now. You’ll take two steps forward, and on the second step, you’ll let your arm fall back, and on the third, you’ll bring it back up and let it kind of fly forward, letting go of the ball. Does that make sense?’
Abbie was almost unaware of the tears sliding down her cheeks. She sniffed.
   “Yes. It makes sense.”
She whispered to the picture.
Abbie jerked her head up and saw that Gabe and Josie stood by the couch. Josie sat next to her and quickly took in the tears, and the picture on the phone. She smiled compassionately and hugged the younger girl.
   “Am I doing the right thing Josie?”
Josie let go and pulled back to see Abbie’s face.
   “Daniel was the first man I ever trusted, and I fell in love with him, but it seemed to die when he went away, and then it came back when he did. Is that even love? With Mason, all I have to do is think about him, and I feel love for him. At least I think its love. It feels like my heart swells up, and it makes me want to smile all the time.”
Josie frowned. It did sound like she loved Mason.
   “I don’t know. All I can say, is…. Just let life roll along, and go day by day. Life will happen the way it happens, and make sure you’re comfortable with the choices that you make, because no one really knows whether or not they’ve made the best choice. Does that help?”
Abbie sniffed and smiled at Josie.
   “Yeah, it helps. Thanks Josie.”
   “Well, I owed you. I was upset, you canceled your plans to come and see me. Least I can do is be there for you when you don’t know what to do.”
Josie wrapped Abbie in another hug. Gabe smiled and sat on the other side of Abbie and wrapped his arms around both of the girls.
                                                                        ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
   “So… you’re SURE our evening is free?”
   “No more crying friends who need you at the last minute?”
   “Sorry! Sorry! But seriously…”
Sigh. “No, Mason, there are no crying friends who need me at the last minute.”
Abbie could almost hear Mason grinning.
   “Good. So we can go on our date tonight.”
Abbie smiled as she noticed that he didn’t say it as a question. More of a proclamation.
Abbie whispered to herself after she hung up and set her phone on the bed next to her.
   “I’m going on a date with Mason…. Did I ever go on a date with Daniel?”
The memories poured through her mind once again, but nothing with Daniel and Abbie going on a date together. She still hadn’t been completely trusting the last time they saw each other.
   “When he left me.”
Abbie could feel the tears build up behind her eyes. She blinked like crazy and looked up at her ceiling.
She took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she tried to stop the tears.
   “God, I don’t know if You’re out there, and if You are, I hope You’re listening. Why? Why have You made me go through so much pain? You… You seem to always be there for… for Hilda and Daniel, but why are You never there for me? I…. I have been through so much pain, why did You leave me alone? Why were You never there for me?”
Real sobs racked her shoulders. It wasn’t like the crying she had done when Daniel told her he was leaving, three times, not when she found out that her parents had died, not when a man had stood ready to snap her neck, but this cry… it was one that called out for help. It screamed for a Savior. It begged for someone to come and lift the pain off her shoulders, or to at least help her bear it. Not like how Mason tried to comfort her, or support her, but someone MORE. She needed someone or something MORE. And she wasn’t sure how, or where to get it. Abbie slid off the bed as she cried and fell to her knees.
   “God! God help me!!! Please!”
She screamed, grateful that the house was empty. As she sat there, her arms wrapped around her head, the room seemed to glow. Or at least there was something in the room glowing. She looked up and stared. Tears dripped down and off of her chin, but she didn’t notice. A figure knelt in front of her. It was a man, but he was glowing. He placed hands on either side of her head, and closed his eyes. For a brief moment, Abbie felt a peace that she had never felt before. It filled her with love, and hope. She knew that she could have a better future if she had this peace and hope inside her. But she knew that there was only one way she could have that peace. She looked at the man’s face and whispered,
   “I understand.”
He gave her a loving smile, and she continued.
   “But I’m afraid.”
A word seemed to pop into her mind.
Abbie bowed her head again. It was so hard to trust. Especially blindly. She had trusted Daniel, but after she got to know him. She trusted Hilda, after she got to know her. She trusted Mason, and Gabe and Josie, but after she got to know them. How could she just blindly trust this one person right after she heard of them? The hands were taken away from her face, and the glow started to dim. She looked up and saw the man fading away. He smiled once again at her, and the word popped into her once more.
And then he was gone.


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