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Yo, I am 16 years old if you are wondering! You can call me Imani if you want. I love to study languages, Anime, Star Wars, Jesus Christ, Indila (the French singer), Eragon series, Musicals, Stranger things, Netflix, Marvel, and FOOD!

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July 8, 2018


     She wanted to be a famous actress,
So she moved to California
Leaving her parents behind.

In Cali, she tried to find an acting job,
But with no prevail.
Almost giving up on her dreams,
She met him.

He was a famous director
Who had connections with everyone in Hollywood.
He realized her talent and she was hired instantly.

She worked on big movie sets 
And became famous overnight.
She walked red carpets
And also went to premieres.

One day, she didn't feel comfortable doing a scene.
She didn't want to do it. 
But he told her she had to,
She said "no".

She was his only actress
And they were on a deadline,
he knew his career was going to be over 
If he doesn't do anything.

So, he hurt her threating to fire her.
"You tell a soul and your career is over."
She stayed and felt miserable.

The fame and money couldn't buy her happiness.
She decided to tell the world who he truly was.

Because the world deserved to know that she was willing to speak her mind.


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