Kristoff Misquitta

United States

​Orange Blades of Grass

July 6, 2018

Orange blades of grass
writhing in the dark,
Fending off the icy advance
of a cold, relentless night.
Needle-like tips
dancing like a flame,
Small but steadfast as they reach for the skies,
Strong though trampled upon day by day.
Nature’s valiant warriors
thrashing for every last bit of warmth,
Never letting go
of their roots.
The story of a blade of grass–
Resilience, determination, and courage–
is a lesson for us


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  • Janna Brown

    I honestly love this piece! It's extremly observant and really well written!

    almost 2 years ago
  • singaporeandreamer

    I loved this piece with its seemingly surreal title!!

    almost 2 years ago