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Elie Assefa

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The Immortal Witches

December 16, 2015


    The castle was on the edge of a high mountain. Its surroundings bare of any life. The prophecy goes that, after a
sacrifice of some type all your troubles will die. It houses three immortal witches and they are the most wicked of all. When all hope is lost,the subjects of the tyrannical dynasty flee to the castle, no one ever comes back. Days would pass after their disappearance and a great feast would take place in the castle. All the witches in the realm would attend and even more disappearances would follow. The victims are used as a sport to entertain guests in foolish ways. The humans serve as meals to the despicable beings when failing to provide the proper sport. And standing perched on a horse, looking at the lifeless and doomed surroundings of the castle, kate is reminded of her fate. If she doesn't attend this feast and pass the impossible tasks that the witches ask of her, her last purpose will to be supper of a witch. As she makes her way to the castle, the most ugly thing she ever laid eyes on comes into view, It smiles and waves. It's laugh is outrageous and it makes her body shiver with disgust. The wind blew against the leafless trees and it felt like the temperature dropped to below zero in seconds. The clouds covered the full moon and the darkness set in. She was doomed.


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