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Denisha Rivera

United States

Hellish Memory Lane

December 16, 2015


Denisha Rivera
ELA 10
period 2

The sky was black and she was the only white light in the street. But even her heart was darker than the sky. As she stared at the mansion the memories came flying. “She lived in the mansion the blood red walls in every room, the creaky floor boards on the stairs and the paintings. She was left alone with the paintings. The paintings on the wall covered with dust and rotting blood. The paints never touched just followed with dead eyes, The paintings she saw when her mother died. The paintings have seen more than she has lived through the tears and blood spilled were just little issues. This paintings were signs to get out or die the minute the doors open.”
She was so young at the time, but now looking through the window another memory came to mind. “She’s so naive and young maybe that’s why she explores so much.  Maybe that’s why she goes underground . The basement or the death pit maybe she likes to be reminded who suffered. All she lost was her mother and now her soul hang on the alter begging to be freed. Maybe she enjoyed the smell of rotting flesh and the bones of those who never survived, or maybe she was that cruel and wanted her next meal alive. Like father like daughter, she kept him alive to see the monster he had created. She was no longer loving and caring. Her skin was sunked at her cheeks, eyes no longer blue, but empty and black, skin paler and paper and fingers boney.”
The more she looked through the windows the more her hellish memories came rush back.  “She died long ago and now was being controlled. She was no longer human, no longer could feel. Maybe she was the devil himself and wanted her father to feel everything he made her see. The devil himself wanted her father to feel the pain and torture she went through. He would not survive the night due to the trauma and pain. He’d suffer greatly for the families he had broken and the life he had chosen his punishment was now through his daughter’s body the devil himself is cause pain.
Now at 3 am she stands in front of her old home, staring at the “For Sale” sign praying for the family who bought the home. Praying they are more strong willed to get out when they can, because death will be waiting. 


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