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Effortless Love

By: Madelyn (Carolina Girl)


Her heart seemed to long for something more
But still she clung to what she thought she had
Even though she knew it was not for her
She refused to give it up
Even though holding on
Was slowly hurting her
It was slowly draining her happiness and hope
She knew in her mind that she needed to let him go
They weren't meant to be
But she didn't listen to her own common sense
She still tried so hard to make it work
She gave her all
To form a relationship that wasn't meant to be
She didn't know what to do about it anymore
She was tired of doing things for him
And getting nothing in return
She was being creative in how she showed him how she felt
But all he did was flirt with her and keep his heart silent
So she decided to pray a simple prayer
But one that she hoped would give her answers
But for a few months she had no answer
God had told her to wait
So she waited
And waited
And waited
And then unexpectedly she met him
The one, who had also given up on love
She met the guy that was created by God for her
That guy fell in love with her
At first sight
Every time he laughed, she wanted to hear it again
Every time he smiled she knew it was because of her
She didn't have to try so hard to make it work
Because it worked without her trying
Her heart was finally content
Because it had what it longed for
Someone loved her
And cherished her
Promised not to hurt her
Listened to her when she was sad
And made her laugh and smile
She found what she had been looking for
God had just reserved it for the right time
She couldn't wrap her head around it
But she was grateful
She was new at this whole love thing
But he didn't care, he loved her anyway
God had waited for the right time to let them meet
And when they did everything fell into place
Love became effortless which is how it should be
Easy and care free
Their love was effortless
Because they loved each other so much
That they didn't have to put in so much effort
All they had to do was just be

Message to Readers

This is a really old piece about my previous relationship. Although I am in a new relationship I think that this piece still deserves to be read and its emotions felt.

Peer Review

Every time he laughed, she wanted to hear it again Every time he smiled she knew it was because of her . I relate to this and its so beautiful.

Im speechless honestly. There is nothing I would change. This piece made me appreciate the love I have.

Was this based on an experience you had? If so it sounds magical.

Reviewer Comments

Keep writing <3