Girl in black



Fiction or Illusion

July 4, 2018


Otters hold hands when they sleep. 

He never holds my hand, 
not when we walk
not when we talk. 

He holds my gaze, 
he holds my heart, 
he holds my thoughts. 

Otters hold hands when they sleep to prevent drifting away from each other. 

He holds her hands 
when she's asleep, 
so as to not hurt her. 

She averts her gaze, 
her heart drifts, 
her thoughts waver. 

Fiction, she thinks, 
is what true love is. 
Illusion, he thinks, 
is what he holds when she's asleep. 

Fiction, he thinks, 
is that he is good enough for her. 
Illusion, she thinks, 
is that he thinks they look good together. 


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1 Comment
  • i.xue

    I really admire how you were able to take a seemingly out-of-the-blue fact about otters and tie it to your storyline.

    besides the explicitly stated "hand-holding" connection, I also feel like the mention of otters gives your piece an open innocence that perfectly suits the relationship between the boy and girl: mutual feelings of affection, but each completely clueless of the other's feelings. as some might say, it is the naivete of childhood love.

    though this poem is not long by any means, I think it's all the more effective for its brevity. I feel like you found exactly which words you needed to outline your central theme, and those pairings of different ideas/words have a tremendous impact despite their simplicity.

    about 1 year ago