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Message to Readers

I write to my city with all love and I wish that you read this essay with your heart and feelings besides your eyes and I hope you enjoy it.

The little Paris

July 11, 2018

  Is the city that you wish to live in, the place where some of the greatest were born, it’s one of the most fabulous governorates in Egypt, it’s the city of “beauty and enchantment” or the little Paris, it’s Ismailia.
If there a place I’d choose to live in. I would definitely choose Ismailia, it may not be very known one but it the closest one to anyone who’ve lived or visited it. No one can resist her beauty, it has something special that attracts you to it. It’s charming, your eyes glow and became shining when you see it. you feel home in its streets, its corners, homes, and any place in it. It’s the indescribable city. You can not describe its beauty or charm even if you lived in it for ages. It was founded and named at 1863 during the construction of the Suez Canal, by Khedive Ismail the Magnificent who loved the city, and after whom the city is named.
 It’s been called the little Paris because it was very similar to Paris a smaller version of it. And for a small Egyptian city being like Paris wasn’t an easy thing or usual. But actually, even the time changed it’s still given by this name. And it’s also named the city of beauty and enchantment because everyone falls in its love and under the effect of its charm it makes you feel that you don’t want to leave it. It’s a small city in both area and population but it still effective in every field in Egypt. Actually, in the agricultural field Ismailia effect on the whole world with its special mango as its mango known as the best mango in the world. Ismailia affected on Egypt’s history and future as in 25th of January 1952 when the soldiers from Ismailia refused to give up without fighting the enemy and they had won and if they obeyed to surrender at this time Egypt wouldn’t become as it’s now. And in 1973 the battle of Ismailia took place in it. Ismailia had written its name with golden letters in history. It has the most 3rd successful football team in Egypt it’s called Ismaily SC and it was called the Brazilian samba because its way of playing that was similar to the Brazilian team. In its streets, you feel comfortable as it has wide warm streets that make you feel home you will know what I mean when you visit it when you walk in its street and especially when you meet its people as it has very kind people that help anyone even if they don’t know him.
Whatever I write about this city I will not be able to describe even a little of what’s in it, it’s the city I was born and lived in, is the city that I feel proud of it, it’s history and its influence on the society. Wherever I go I take my city with me in my heart I have beautiful memories in it, my childhood, family, friends, education and everything and before influencing on the country this city influenced on me. And it gave me the best environment to innovate, know my capabilities, to be a good citizen and benefit my country in Ismailia I feel like a bird flying without any chains and when I grow up I will do my best to give this city and its people the things they gave me back, when you reach the point that you can’t describe your feelings toward your city and describe how much do you love it or how much you are grateful to it. I feel that I have reached this point and finally, I would like to thank you for all what you gave me and for the person you made me, thank you little Paris, the city of beauty and enchantment, thanks to my hometown, thank you Ismailia.    


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