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My Gothic Story

December 16, 2015


A while back when me, my siblings and my cousins family went to Colombia, we decided to go live with my grandparents for a while on the farm. I’ve never lived on  a farm before and it was a good experience cause I got to see how my mom and dad lived when they were younger. But one thing that I had in mind a lot is that in Colombia a lot of people believed in witches and they said that they live up in the mountains and many farms are located on mountains so I was shook’. In Colombia when the sun starts going down it takes every single little piece of light there is. Just so you keep in mind, in my grandparents farm they have two German Shepherds and so during the night my grandparents had to look the doors just in case. Later that night the dogs started barking out of nowhere and I was very curious what it could’ve been. Scared and nervous at the same time, instantly I started to think that maybe it was witch coming to get us. As a scared little 11 year old boy, I just covered myself with the blankets that I had and the dogs just kept on barking more and more, more and more but then it all stopped. I thought to myself was it really over or is something freaky going to pop up or is the door gonna bust open like a mini bomb, I took a deep breath and my heart starts beating really fast and loud….. but nope nothing happened. Later on I spent the rest of my vacation in Colombia like a blast it was good to be with my other side of the family. 


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