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everything described here has happened to children in the crisis currently. fuck donald trump. there will be more to come. i haven't gotten close to worst part yet.

children in cages - part 1

July 1, 2018

PROMPT: Child Narrator

    my name's lola, and i'm four years old. my favorite color is pink. i have ten fingers and ten toes. my favorite animal is the giraffe cause it has a long neck. my papi reads to me and so does my nana. my mami can't read. my best friend is my stuffed bear. her name is sofia. i have a blankie and i have two shirts. i have one pair of pants and a dress and sparkly light-up shoes my tio bought me when i was three.
     two days ago, we left mexico. one day ago, they found us. one hour ago, they told my mami they were going to give me a bath. it doesn't make sense. it's been a while and they haven't given me a bath. i don't have sofia or my blankie. i didn't want to go. they made me.
    they put me in a metal box with wires like on the edge of tio's farm. he said it was so the cows don't escape. why would we escape? 
    then they put the box on a truck. we rode on the truck for a little while. it smelled bad and another boy was crying. why would he cry? we're going to have a bath. i guess he really doesn't like baths.
this is it for today because i'm not in the current emotional state to continue writing such emotional and triggering content.


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