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Juliette Bentley


I am a teacher, writer and foodie. I lead a thriving RL Writer's Club and live in an incredible place of sunshine and beauty. I go under Banjodog and my published work can be found online.

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Please feel free to suggest improvements or simply comment on my work. Words need an audience and writers need to know that their words aren't lost in a void.

Humble Beginnings

November 26, 2014



Succulent petals unfurl to tongue's caress

where sun lingers tracing lines,

floating upon the miasma of life's brooding shadows.

Rooted deeply,

drawing strength from dark viscous mass

life surges.

Lotus beauty blooms from secret places

and suppliant,

unfurls to the tender caress of life's current



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  • November 26, 2014 - 12:11am (Now Viewing)

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  • Grace Mary Potts

    As the hour is late and eloquence is unfortunately failing me I am merely going to comment on the fact that this is remarkably pretty. The description draws lovely imagery while the poem's size maintains a simplicity that prevents it from being overwhelming.

    Hence I loved it.

    about 4 years ago