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I've lived in three different sates, currant one included. Spend most of my time reading and thinking of new things. One thing that ticks me off is not having things around me in order. Whether for life or writing.

Where Things Lie

May 13, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt

"You think you got the best of me!"(1)

"Yes, I do!"

"It might seem crazy what about to say,"(2) He said, "But you're wrong. I'm doing what we're told."(3)

"I should probably warn you I should be just fine(2) without you then," I retorted. "I'm leaving. Good luck." I stomped off in the opposite way, still steaming with anger. He doesn't know hat he's talking about.

I ran fast. Crashing through the dark woods. It's I've ever know. A dark world, with only fires or torches to light the world around me. I guess what doesn't kill makes you stronger(1),right? Until now. The creature, or even a monster, has been after me for the last day. I felt it watching, plotting, following me. It didn't start chasing me until... An hour? I don't know. And don't care. I just wanted to lose it so I could rest.

Man, why can't I lose him!I zipped in and out of trees. Hope either to have it hit it's self by running into a tree. Or have lose me in the chaos of the trees. Still hasn't happened.I had stopped running in zing-zags, and just trying to get far away as possible.I felt it getting closer now.

All the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a knife come from the shadows and into what ever was behind me. I heard athud!has the creature, or monster, fell to the ground. With that, I let my self drop to the ground. And cried and cried and cried.

I cried until I felt a hand on my shoulder and voice saying "You'll be alright. No on can hurt you now."(4) I jumped straight back and up. In the process I fell back on the ground. Then I looked up. Chris. It was only Chris.

"Where did you come from?" I inquired as he helped me up. We walked over to the creature/monster. It was pretty ugly. Long, matted hair covered its body. It smelled like rotten meat and eggs. It's body is about the size of a lion but looked more like a bear.

After lokking, we walked off a bit. and then he answered my question."Behind that tree," he said and pointed to the tree that the knife came from.

I looked at the tree, than back at Chris. His green eyes were darker then last time and full of worry. His dark black hair, almost midnight black, was longer then I remember.

"I know how to get out of here" Chris said, breaking the silence. We never a life before this, living in the dark. Until several weeks ago, we found a way out. We heard from source that came from an Elder of where we lived. We found all that could and left.

And now here we are. On the run and just trying to make it out. And according to Chris, we're close to border. So close to freedom of this stupid forest. Of the stupid darkness. And the dumb, just dumb, hiding in fear of something coming to get us.

I got up and brushed my self of. Then we set off walking. Me and Chris. Alone. Going to freedom.

We finlly made it to a long thick wall of trees. They were small and big ones. the biggest i couldn't even put my arms around it. The smallest being thick as my arm. All intertwined together.

Chris spoke up, "There's a space we can crawl through over here." He led me to a small hole to the left some. "You are going to have to go through first. It took me a while because I'm so big."

"What will I see when I get to the other side?" I asked, sacred. I was finally doing it.

"Something you don't expect," he said, "Just let the shadows fall behind you(5). There's nothing to be afraid of. Its time you face the sky(5), Sade."

Mere minutes felt like hours. But I just kept going, never stopping. As I turned a corner, I saw a glimmer of light. But it was different. Instead of flickering and casting shadows differently, it was steady. Never changing, never moving. Even the color was strange. Rather then being shades of yellow, red, or orange, preferably it was a very soft, very bright and very pale yellow, almost white color.

I crawled forward more. Then I stepped out and covered my eyes. And I got my first look at the outside world. I thought, I'm never going back there again.And walked into a place of new life.

I had a thought a couple days ago about writing stories. You know how songs tell their own story? So I thought "Why not make a story with the lyrics of a song from different songs?" I think it could be really fun. So here I go. I'm jumping in.(1)Stronger(What doesn't kill you)By Kelly Clarkson

(2)Happy by Pharrell

(3)Counting Stars byOne Republic

(4)Safe and sound by Taylor Swift

(5)Towards the sunby Rihanna

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