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Popsicle Stains

July 24, 2018

PROMPT: Where I'm From

Where I'm from

I'm from sticky fingers on Christmas morning
Colored lights refracted on jingle bell ornaments 
Wrapping paper bows stuck in my hair

I'm from dirt under nails and yesterday's rain
Purple irises drooped over the porch 
Dancing in ribbons and polka-dot skirts 

I'm from peeling sunburns on the sand of the lake
Scalding sidewalks that blister bare feet 
My old yellow tank spotted popsicle stains

I'm from purpling leaves that don't turn orange 
Pulling blankets 'round shoulders once the sun goes down
Numb nose and toes after reading on the backyard swing 

I'm from pigtails, princess games and dress-up shoes
Chocolate spots on stuffed, smiling cheeks 
Watermelon rinds and swinging my legs 

I'm from hand-me-downs and playdates
Hand-holding with Mom and catch with my dad 
Flying like dragons with my brother 

That's where I'm from



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