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Once Upon a December

December 14, 2015

December is when the snow falls to the ground. It's when the leaves fall first, littering the ground with reds, and oranges, and yellows, before casting everything in a ground of white. It's when my people, finally change out the t-shirts and shorts, for jeans and long sleeves, for sweatshirts, and sweaters. It's when we start to nest, toss extra blankets across the bed, in hopes it will keep us warm for the winter.   December means doing things with snow. With white fluffy, and hard packing, with snow angels and snow men and snow balls, and if we happen to pack extra bits of ice and gravel into the snowballs, enough to make them hurt if hit, then it just raises the stakes a little. It means snow boarding, and learning how to, and how you learn that snow can hurt if you fall on it, or ice. But you get back up again and that's what matters.   December means Yule, the time of holly, the time when 36 different traditions and celebrations all around the world are celebrated in this one month. We honor Father Christmas, and await glady for the new year. We thank St. Nick for coming early, for that is what he does after all. And while some may argue with the Christians, I think it's great that we all somehow share this month for whatever religion our life takes us into.   December means movie time, just like every snowflake is unique so is every movie. From Narnia, to White Christmas, the classics give you nostalgia and the newer ones keep you guessing, like Christmas in the Clouds.   But last and most importantly December means a break. A break after exams that plague us into hell week. A whole 2 weeks and onward, that allows me to hug my friends, and cuddle, and most importantly bask in their rich glow and feel like I've finally come home. My home, to where my heart is.


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