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My name is Sara and I love to write. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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Interests/ favs include reading, writing (obviously), Stranger Things, Six of Crows, BTS, and Anne with an E
I'm always happy to talk about any of these things or anything else with anyone :)

The Prince's Sister

July 24, 2020


The princess was used to elaborate dances. Dancing with men, however, is something she could never grow accustomed to. The feeling of burly, gripping hands on her waist is a feeling she despised. The fact that they always tried to lead even though they were clearly incapable of doing so infuriated her to no ends.
Her current partner tugged her forward and let go of her waist to reposition her arms around his neck. Apparently dominance was a family trait when it came to the leaders of the Kingdom. The princess smirked to herself.
“Is there something amusing you, Your Highness?”
She looked up to see the prince smiling down at her, no doubt thinking she was smitten with him.
She was about to blurt out a sarcastic remark but thought better of it when she imagined her father’s cold, hard stare. “It’s nothing… Your Highness,” she muttered, almost forgetting to add the title.
“Surely it was something,” the prince probed. “You haven’t so much as grinned all day. I want to know what got that beautiful smile to finally come out.”
He tucked a piece of loose hair behind her ear. She refrains from rolling her eyes. “Your Highness, do you really want to know what made me smile?”
“Well, of course.”
“I was thinking about someone.”
The prince smirked. “And who might that special someone be?”
The princess smiled, showing her dimples. “Your sister.”
The prince’s smirk fell. “Excuse me?”
“I was thinking about your sister. You wanted to know what made me smile, yes? It was your sister. Her bronze skin and full lips. Her eyes that look like melted chocolate and hair that always smells like coconut. That’s what made me smile.”
The prince looked at her like she has two heads. The princess tried her hardest not to laugh in his face. “She is a beautiful girl, isn’t she?”
The prince stepped back and she feels his grip loosen around her waist. She looked over the prince’s shoulder and sees the princess step in through the door.
“Would you look at that? There she is.” The princess wriggled out of the prince’s arms and started toward the princess. “Thank you for keeping me company, but my Princess Charming has arrived. You can go step on someone else’s toes now.”
The prince stood frozen in the middle of the ballroom while the two princesses embraced.


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  • Paisley Blue

    Omg this is so good! I literally can't stop smiling right now. I absolutely love your writing!

    6 months ago