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The Wrong Side of the Mirror : To Be One Loved (Chapter One - Where Dreams Die)

June 25, 2018


    My wings are white, the feathers glow.  Their light is the only warmth I have to keep my heart from freezing in this cold place.  My heart is the only one that beats with love, my eyes the only ones with kindness still hidden deep in their spirals and swirls of pale ice cream and deep sapphire.  My eyes, the only ones that don't gleam with malice and poorly veiled threats that have yet to come to completion but bear horrific intent.  I'm never alone.  And I'm always terrified. 
    He's approaching me again, with those yellow fangs and huge hands.  He grabs me and throws me down, standing over my body and smiling.  He's always smiling. 
    "Hey, there, Goldie.  Long time no see.  I see you're still a freak, just as always."
    I find I'm crying, although I didn't notice when I started.  I compose myself and stand up, speaking back up to him. 
    "And I see you're still a jerk, just as always." I begin to wonder if I shouldn't have said that, if it will lead to repercussions that I didn't think about earlier. 
    But he just smiles down at me and laughs.  He always laughs at me. 
    "I think I'll go now.  I don't wanna catch freak disease." He walks away, laughing so loud I can hear him until he's out of sight.  I look around, and find myself alone.  Good.  I hate the other people here, and the creatures.  No matter how many of them surround me, I always feel alone.  This is the place where dreams die, and I am made of dreams. 


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    This is such an interesting story idea and I cannot wait for more! Great job writing :)

    almost 2 years ago