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Juliette Bentley


I am a teacher, writer and foodie. I lead a thriving RL Writer's Club and live in an incredible place of sunshine and beauty. I go under Banjodog and my published work can be found online.

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Please feel free to suggest improvements or simply comment on my work. Words need an audience and writers need to know that their words aren't lost in a void.

Who Do You Think You Are?

June 14, 2016

PROMPT: Open Prompt


Breaking ground
in silent reverie
each step creating the path
my ancestors will tread,
following genetically drafted
drifts of life,
I take another step.
One lane of life's super highway
laid out at my expense,
yet I'd have it no other way.
Each new vista, crests against a gentle sun,
The verdant growth, so rich, fecund
a jungle of challenges and trials
making my story a journey of discovery. 
My forebears grounded my foundations in their dreams,
goals met and lost 
and I keep trust,
forging ahead with joy and trepidation,
creating a road to my homecoming.

I also write under Banjodog.


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