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By: Maya!


The roar of the sea came back to me
In my ears
My body
Felt as though
The shells that I have
Known so well
Were sinking into my bones and making
Every fibre of me tremble
Like ships that plunge 
And rumble
Through the night on a raging tide
I felt the ground leave me
My hands floated away
My hair stood up 
In response to the jellyfish
Stinging the back of my eyes
Maybe I am more prone to seasickness 
Than I thought
Though right now
I can’t think of doing anything
But letting the shower wash the salt
From my eyes
So maybe next time
I’ll keep my ship disguised

Peer Review

Every fiber of me tremble. I like how the author uses fiber instead of bones or cells.

I'm actually quite seasick as well, so I feel like I can relate with the writer.

Have you ever been stung by a jellyfish before? I haven't

Reviewer Comments

Maybe you can make stanzas instead of just one big stanza.