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The Milky-Way

June 30, 2018


In about 4 billion years, astronomers predict that our galaxy(the milky-way) and Andromeda will collide to form a galaxy called the Milkdromeda galaxy.

Even the milky way has something out there for it.
Something that doesn't judge it by its looks, flaws or grit.
As I stare at the sky,
It seems that things may become sci-fi.
In their glory and flaws,
Humans will open doors;
To live out there,
Where planets are bare
And to make new discoveries,
Like to discover new summaries
Of how other life forms exist.
Out there in the stars 
Where everything is a twist,
Where there are no cars.
Maybe one day,
The Milky- Way
Will meet its inhabitants.

As I stare at the sky,
My heart breaks for the simple touch
that might shatter the Milky-Way,
Maybe even a sway.
As I stare at the sky,
On this Winter day,
When I'll turn and say


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