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Midnight Bus

June 23, 2018


There was a man at the bus stop today, waiting for the midnight bus. He wore the night in his black coat and his sagging shoulders showed he carried the world. He was shuffling a deck of cards as I sat down; he didn't look up just kept breaking and rearranging the deck. 
 ”Where you headed?” he asks. His voice deep and lulling like an ocean wave.
 ”Anywhere but here, ” I say hoping my pain doesn't show in my wavering tone. He nods his eyes never leaving the cards.
 ” How about you?” He looks up the dim street light outling his face like a halo, and his mouth forms a smile that reminds me if the trickster God. 
 ”Everywhere” is all he says. His dark blue eyes pull me in like a riptide, my heart starts to flutter and my breath hitches. He look away just as I think I'm going to drowned. 
 ”They say the night is only for dreamers and theives ” he says looking up at me again.
 ” Which one are you?” A lie is already on my lips but he locks his eyes with mine and raises an eyebrow. 
 ” Both” I half whisper, thinking of the stolen credit cards hidden in my notebook filled with lyrics. 
” Which one are you?” 
 ” Depends on the day” he says with a wicked grin. Was sit in silence except for the the occasional passing car.
 ”I think this is you” he says. A large grey bus pulls up to the station and the doors open with a hiss. I quickly gather my duffle bag as the man slips his cards into his pocket and flips his fedora onto his head easily. We walk to the door butjhst as I reached the first step the man grabs my arm. I turn to look at him, my heart beating faster. 
 ” A word of advice, ” he says his eyes glinting from under his hat. 
 ”People who have forgotten how to dream deserve your forgiveness. But do not forget their words, burning them may be the only thing that keeps you warm.” With another wicked smile, and a squeeze of my arm, he slipped his hands into his pockets and took a couple steps back. I found a seat near the window and sat down, clutching my duffle bag. I looked out in time to see a gust of air blow the mans coat like a pair of wings, and he street light outline his head like a halo. With a tip of his hat and a wink he disappeared. The bus jerked forward I closed my eyes and shock my head trying to make sense of the mans words. I reached into my pocket for my headphones, but instead I found a plain playing card. The laughing face of the kicker seemed to mock me as I shifted it in the dim light, on the bottom of the card was a curly, green L. I looked back out the window at the streets zipping by wondering who the man was. Maybe dreamers and thieves aren’t the only ones who stalk the night.


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  • Riley Noel

    Thank you guys so much!!

    over 1 year ago
  • Mae

    I really enjoyed reading this. :) good job!

    over 1 year ago
  • Catlover

    this is so good

    over 1 year ago