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Hello! I'm Sam, a young teen writer. I am a complete bookworm and aspiring wordsmith of all sorts. Criticism is always welcome!

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"'I didn’t go there looking for you. I went looking for me.' My voice is soft, low, and shaky. 'But now, here you are, and somehow, in finding you, I think I’ve found myself.'"

- "Every Last Word" by Tamera Ireland Stone


June 22, 2018


Have you ever felt like you were drowning
Words are swimming off the page
Tears splattering on your keyboard
Work piling up
You have to get up early
You need to dress nice but you have to do laundry

The papers are choking
I'm gasping for air because I can't breathe but
Every lungful hurts because it means I need to keep on going
And I can't leave
I'm not allowed to leave

Not because I'm someone is forcing me to be here but because I'm forcing myself to be here
I can't tell if it's different

So many expectations
Confirmations becoming my
I can't seem to breathe
No matter how hard I try to tread when I get a gasp of air another wave crashes down on me

I was treading for a while.
I was happy
for a while.
But another wave has finally fallen and it feels bigger than before but I know it'll pass because this has all happened before
Is it sad I know it'll be okay because I've been so close to drowning so many times I can be my own mentor?

I think I'm drowning
Almost sinking
I can feel the ink filling up my throat
The paper cutting my skin like sharp fish fins
But I'm starting to go up

That's it, I can see the light, the surface, dancing just out of reach
I know I'm still underwater
But I think that's okay for now
Putting these words down helped to keep me afloat,
Stop me from drowning,
For now.



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  • AbigailSauble

    The life of every writer. Ink on a page, emotions bring them alive.

    about 2 years ago